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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 11

3D printers and customization of Vuototecnica Octopus gripping heads

Octopus gripper heads made with 3D printer Among the innovations for 2015, Vuototecnica presented the new Octopus gripper heads made with 3D printer for single pieces.
An absolute innovation which allows a customization of the product which was inconceivable before.

Thanks to this solution, the problems of manipulation of the customers are processed case by case, with gripping heads which are customized specifically to accommodate the shape of the object to be picked up, allowing to wrap and hold it.

The gripping hands are made of ABS and for this reason they can be at the same time resistant and light.
Inside the heads is possible to provide for PVR 1-4 vacuum cartridges or single stage venturi generators in order to have the vacuum generation on the molded gripping hand always and however.

It is a state of the art solution, ideal for anthropomorphic robots or flexible pickers.

Read more and order your customized gripping hand, please contact Vuototecnica staff.
Octopus gripper heads made with 3D printer

A new range of bellow suction cups by Vuototecnica: more performance, no thoughts

new range of bellow suction cups Vuototecnica presents its new products, even in this hot summer. A new range of bellow suction cups comes, with even greater efficiency than ever before, upgraded according to manufacturers requirements.

Designed for the handling of cardboard boxes, in the packaging industry, these suction cups can be equally effective in various fields of application.

Their peculiarity is that they are able to compensate for the height and to ensure excellent grip and stability when withdrawing the item.

The gripping lip of the suction cup was specially designed with suction ducts to ensure that it is suitable to the item.

You can also choose compounds, mountings and fittings according to application requirements and for fixing on the robot.

Here you can see technical drawings and know the specifications of these suction cups and their supports.

To learn more, please contact the Vuototecnica staff.
new range of bellow suction cups

Fluid motion and cleaning in palletizing wood using Vuototecnica Octopus

The palletising robot you can see in the video is concerned with the arrangement of lists of wood thanks to Vuototecnica BO 12120 X Octopus bar with an extraordinary simple operation.

Typically when assembling external vacuum generating units, such as the classic side channels aspirators, there are several problems to be dealt with.

As well as being noisy, aspirators force to bring big and bulky vacuum pipes to the gripping hand (with inner sections of 40/50 mm), restricting the movements of the robot wrist.
With Vuototecnica vacuum gripping system instead, as you can see, the customer used the standard 8.6 mm compressed air distribution ducts inside the anthropomorphic robot, to power the multistage venturi placed directly on the Octopus bar.

Do you see the system increased cleanliness? The movement of the robot has no obstacle and runs smoothly. It is possible, by doing so, to provide for a blow-off within the Octopus bar, when it is necessary to release the listings of wood, for example, when you want to increase the speed or to obtain cleanliness and to remove shavings and wood dust.

And the benefits do not end there. All Octopus systems are composed of high quality materials: anodized aluminum for the box; a micro mesh filter on the intake – of easy inspection, in stainless steel – and a wide range of accessories and components and suction plates, depending on the products to be handled.

There is no need to reposition the suction cups, Octopus is effective in taking even when the surface of objects to be manipulated only occupies 5% of the suction plate.

Corncobs and foam rubber: a recipe for the perfect grip

For the gripping of products with irregular surfaces, Vuototecnica offers its special foam rubber suction cups.

In this video you can see an application of these suction cups on food, such as corncobs, which have a grained surface, difficult to grip.

The foam rubber of these suction cups in fact has a density that offers excellent grip even on rough or irregularly shaped products like sawn, flamed or bush hammered marbles; non-slip or corrugated textured sheets, cement raw products, outdoor tiles.
It is possible to use them within the temperature range from -40 ° C to +80 ° C for OF orange foam rubber, from -20 ° C to +80 ° C for NF neoprene foam rubber; they maintain their elasticity even after many work cycles.

Thanks to their self-adhesive side, the suction cups attach themselves quickly to anodized aluminum holders, provided with a central threaded hole for mounting on the automatic mechanism.

Bigger holders with two threaded holes, equidistant from the center, are also available, for the possible insertion of anti rotation guide pins.

Taking, transfer, release: accuracy and stability at each stage with Octopus

In this video you can see Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping system at work.

Octopus provides great confidence and stability in all steps (grip, translation, storage of containers).
The customer installed a PV plate, with bellow suction cups in silicone for food.

The most obvious benefit of these special suction cups, as you can see, is that each pack plastic is picked up in a very firm and secure way, although there are sometimes differing heights of gripping.
The bellows structure of the suction cups makes it possible to compensate for different levels and take items without problems. Considering instead the step of the transfer of pieces, Octopus is able to offer maximum stability thanks to the excellent degree of vacuum generated by the PVP multistage Venturi mounted on the Octopus device, Vuototecnica branded.

The stability reflects positively in the last phase of the process, too. In fact, the customer has a great satisfaction in positioning, during storage of pieces. It is almost impossible to achieve the same precision using side channels aspirators that allow to suction cups to pick up items but make them dangle during the movement phase. The undulating movement has negative effects on the release, which becomes inaccurate. This is because the side channels aspirators usually have large air flow rate but low vacuum degree. Octopus instead solve the problem and gives you maximum efficiency in every phase.

The importance of silence

When operating with pneumatic vacuum generators, you often use devices that maybe are valid from the point of view of efficiency and use, but are problematic in terms of living conditions in the work environment for the noise they cause expelling air from the venturi exhaust tube.

For this reason Vuototecnica has been working to make the everyday life of professionals sustainable, proposing its range of exhaust silencers, SSX and 2SSX, which can be assembled on single stage and multistage vacuum generators. You do not know the importance of silence until you try; after all, you spend most of the day at work and better conditions often mean improved productivity and concentration.

SSX and 2SSX silencers are composed of a hollow cylindrical body, made of anodized aluminum, which contains rings of special material in natural fibers, sound absorbing and resistant to possible vaporization of oil and liquids.

SSX silencers
silence is gold Their “free flow” configuration (with an air passing open discharge hole that recalls the silencers for guns) avoids any risk of clogging that you normally have with traditional silencers for compressed air that are generally closed. This clogging is normally generated by mixing powders coming from Venturi aspiration that join ejector supply compressed air condenses or oil vapors.

SSX and 2SSX silencers are able to significantly bring down the noise of the air during the discharge of vacuum generators; two versions are available, which are characterized by the length: longer the silencer, greater the noise reduction.

You can get a reduction in noise levels from -13 to -20 dB (A) with a temperature from -20 to +100 ° C.

Standing out for efficiency and effectiveness of noise reduction, they have already been used for other applications such as insulation of exhaust valves or pneumatic cylinders.

New rotary vane vacuum pumps, RVP series

RVP160 - RVP200 pump Vuototecnica is proud to present a new range of rotary vane vacuum pumps, RVP.

It is an innovative product, which is technically complete in its standard equipment, built with the latest generation materials and at high standards of quality. It has a very high efficiency, and it is competitive in terms of quality/price ratio, at the same time.
It is a compact and sturdy construction, suitable for continuous and heavy-duty use.

The RVP single-stage rotary vane pump with automatic lubrication and recirculating, has a high pumping speed in the range of absolute pressure between 850 and 0.5 mbar. It is driven by an electric motor coupled together via an elastic joint (excluding RVP 15), complying with the latest European regulations.
A big step forward was made in the direction of a reduced noise level and a low operating temperature.
A centrifugal fan guarantees an adequate air flow for cooling.

A capacious oil recovery tank equipped with microfibre deoiling cartridges has the function of smoke filtering system. A special built-in scavenge valve allows for the recovery of oil retained by cartridges. The oil contained in the system lubricates, cools and seals rotating and fixed pump parts. The check valve on the suction line is an integral part of the pump and is standard, while a filter suitable for trapping any suctioned impurities can be supplied upon request.

All pumps, except RVP 15 and RVP 21, are supplied standard with a gas ballast valve, which permits high water vapour compatibility.
Vuototecnica Pumps brochure 2015

Suck and transport glue granules, shavings and grains thanks to CX flow generators

In this video you can see an application of Vuototecnica CX25 flow generators.

The system is designed for the pneumatic transport in suction and pressure of glue granules, in a simple and effective way.

As you can see, CX generators have been grafted on the transportation pipeline of grains and they are powered by compressed air at only 2 bar pressure.

The lack of moving parts also allows continuous use, without heat.
CX25 flow generator They do not need electricity, therefore they can also be used in environments, that are subjected to risk of fire or explosion.

They can also be useful to carry, for several meters, other types of material: wood pellets and powders with considerable difference in height, for example. They have a simple maintenance, and are also available in stainless steel for the transport of highly abrasive powders.

Check feasibility of gripping at new Vuototecnica test center: Octopus in action on spray cans

Customization is the point of strength of each Vuototecnica solution and that’s why a new center for testing devices and products has been realized; it is equipped with anthropomorphic and gantry robots for the realization of feasibility of gripping.

In this video, you can see the feasibility test carried out by a manufacturer, a robots assessment technician, that required the ability to handle spray cans of different sizes.

Octopus vacuum gripping system allows a rigid and stable manipulation of cans of different sizes, with one dedicated gripping head.

This solution guaranteed the final customer to eliminate the plastic straps which are usually used to hold together each group of cans, with great savings, also in terms of time, as a result.
When competitors merely offer standard components from the catalogue, Vuototecnica adapts its solutions for you.

Vacuum sealed packaging control: Vuototecnica offers two solutions

To test the sealing of bottles, jars, plastic or tin cans and, in general, for all hermetically sealed packaging, such as flow-pack, cellophane or PVC packages, Vuototecnica proposes ATP and ATS vacuum testing devices.

These devices are very simple to operate and allow you to detect even the smallest leaks of air from the packaging.

With ATP, the vacuum is generated in the transparent casing filled with water by a pneumatic multistage ejector. You can put the product inside the container, to locate the air release point. A pin pushes the package into the water.
In case of loss, air bubbles identify the weak point immediately. ATS device operation is intuitive, too.

As you can see in the video, you can put the product inside the plexiglas casing. By creating the vacuum inside the casing, the pressure differential that’s generated between the inside of the package and the volume of the depressurized casing causes the packaging to swell, thus exerting pressure upon the flow pack’s seals. A mini vacuum switch integrated within the ATS system let you to set the test’s vacuum level (based on the legal or regulatory requirements). The standard units are available in two models: the ATS 20, with a 21.5 litre casing and a VTS 10 M model pump, and the ATS 05, with a 5.5 litre casing and a VTS 4M model pump.

ATP and ATS test values are adjustable and can be automatically repeated so you don’t have to reset them every time. On request, Vuototecnica realizes special versions of both products to meet your need.