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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 3

Suction cups for CDs and perforated objects

suction cup on a CDring suction cups Compact discs are optical discs designed to store data in digital format. They’re made of transparent polycarbonate, covered with a thin metallic layer upon which the data is “recorded” using lasers.
The reading operations are also performed using lasers, but the devices must be treated with maximum care in order to ensure their constant and precise functionality. This includes the production stage, before they are placed on the market.

In the field of industrial automation, it’s extremely important to be able to develop ad hoc solutions for every product. Vuototecnica is capable of providing various types of suction cups based on the specific requirements of the objects to be handled, such as ring suction cups, which are designed to hold objects with a central hole, like CDs.
These suction cups are often used in the electronics industry; they have an extremely thin sealing lip in order to allow them to adapt well to rough surfaces, such as abrasive disks for angle grinders. They are cold fitted to the supports and are made from silicone S for handling compact discs. The supports are made from anodized aluminium and are equipped with a threaded central hole, which provides for the suctioning operations and allows the unit to be fastened to the automated mechanism itself.

Ring suction cups can be used to handle perforated disks of any material, including gears, pulleys and even abrasive discs.
In order to meet its customers’ requirements, Vuototecnica even produces these suction cups in different blends. Download the Vuototecnica Catalogue in PDF format or request a printed copy to find out more about all the solutions we have to offer!

Concave suction cups for glass bottles: an intelligent solution

Glass is a material that’s made up of raw materials that are readily available upon the earth. What’s more, it can be continuously recycled and therefore has an extremely low environmental impact.
In the production of glass bottles or cylindrical glass objects, the raw materials are melted in furnaces and cut by shearing machines before being moulded into their classic cylindrical shapes. After being annealed in the furnaces and inspected, the bottles must be handled for packaging. It is precisely at this stage that the need arises for suction cups capable of adapting to the cylindrical shapes and smooth surfaces of the bottles themselves.

Vuototecnica, a leader in vacuum technology, has developed concave suction cups with vulcanized supports for gripping and handling cylindrical objects like bottles.

Based on the types of objects to be handled, the suction cups can be manufactured in nitrile or oil-resistant rubber A, which are suitable for gripping glass materials and loads with smooth surfaces and are highly resistant to oil, heat and aging; in natural rubber N, for irregular or rough surfaces (wood, cardboard, marble, brick, glass or plastic); in silicone S, even produced according to the most well-known food-grade manufacturing standards.

In addition to bottles, these suction cups can even be used in conjunction with a wide range of other cylindrical objects, including pipes and round profiles. The support is made of aluminium and has a threaded central hole to facilitate machine mounting, as well as a lateral hole to facilitate the insertion of an anti-rotation guide pin.

Vuototecnica provides custom solutions to meet the needs of every industrial sector.
glass bottlesconcave suction cups with vulcanized supportsconcave suction cups with vulcanized supports

Foam rubber suction cups: irregular surfaces are no longer a problem

Foam rubber suction cupsFoam rubber vacuum cupsFoam rubber suction cups
Rough, uneven and sometimes even grooved surfaces can be extremely difficult to handle and manipulate. There is a constant risk of accidental damage to the materials themselves due to suction cups failing to properly adhere to the surface, thus resulting in wasted time and money.

Vuototecnica has permanently eliminated this risk thanks to its innovative foam rubber suction cups, which are available in flat round or flat rectangular versions.

They are particularly suitable for use on rough surfaces, like sawn marble, textured sheet metal, corrugated or anti-slip materials, striped acrylic, raw concrete, textured patio and garden tiles and, more generally, in all cases where a tight grip on a rough surface is required.

In fact, the foam’s softness allows it to adapt to all the grooves and to perfectly adhere to the material.

Our foam rubber suction cups are made using a special high density blend of material, with an optimal elastic yield. They have a self-adhesive side for quick and easy fastening and offer guaranteed functionality at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C.

In the case of oil-coated grip surfaces and outdoor equipment, it is possible to make use of neoprene foam (NF) rubber, which has an operating temperature range of -20°C to +80°C and is capable of withstanding the wear and tear of the atmospheric agents.

The durability of these suction cups is guaranteed over time, even after many operating cycles.


Oils, grease and fuels: problem solved with Vuototecnica BENZ compound suction cups!

In the automotive industry there is often the need to manipulate stamped or deep drawn metal sheets which then go on to make up the bodywork or other car components.
Today's automatic industry allows performing all phases of car production with robots, but these don't always represent the most ideal solutions for the gripping metal plates and glass that are in contact with oils, grease and fuels. The result is imprecision in work and poor safety in the workplace.

Vuototecnica solves these problems by manufacturing different types of suction cups for the automotive sector: flat, bellows, elliptical and maxigrip of different shapes and sizes.
The suction cups are made of BENZ compound, resistant to chlorine which is usually present in the oils for stamping and deep drawing sheet metal, and they carry out their work flawlessly, regardless of the weight and cleanliness of the load.
The maxigrip suction cups provide an unparalleled grip, even on very oily and wet surfaces; as a matter of fact, the liquids are easily drained, without any worries. The grip lip is extremely sensitive and this makes manipulation easy, whatever the shape of the object to be gripped, whether it be concave, flat or convex.

If you are thinking that a strong grip may be broken, warped or leave unwanted marks on the surfaces, think again, because despite the high friction coefficient, Vuototecnica suction cups are designed with extreme attention to materials and the application processes.
In addition, a wide range of supports and accessories are available which can be installed on any type of robot. Discover our solutions for the automotive sector.
maxigrip vacuum cupsautomotivemaxigrip vacuum cups

Vertical glass sheets: gripping, separation, and lifting in total safety

glass sheetsvacuum cups for glass surfaces
The glass industry encompasses a variety of processes and designs. The fragility of products and the necessary perfection of each piece often make handling difficult.

Vuototecnica offers various solutions in this field, even for special manipulation requirements such as gripping glass sheets stored vertically.

Bellow suction cups for glass, are ideal for this application since once the suction cup is placed on the surface and vacuum is attained, they have the ability to quickly retract, thereby facilitating the separation of superimposed glass plates.

The sheet is gripped and separated from any adjacent to it, without the risk of breaking or falling it. It is first positioned perpendicular to the floor and after this phase it can be moved in all directions without any adhesion problems and in total safety.

The bellow suction cups for glass are available in different compounds depending on the requirements: they don't leave halos or marks on the glass, they increase adherence in case of uneven or wet surfaces and they work in contact with atmospheric agents, in addition to having many other qualities.

Find the solution to your problem. Challenge us!

Save time and energy with Vuototecnica’s new servo operated solenoid valves!

Power supply units, suction palletisers for production and logistics; vacuum thermoformers and vacuum packaging machines in the packaging industry; robots of all sorts, sheet feeders or bag openers. Vacuum technology can be applied to many fields in the industrial sector.
In all situations in which we use vacuum technology, the switch is of fundamental importance. Whether suction cups are used or not, to facilitate an easy exchange between the vacuum pump suction and the air intake into the circuit, solenoid valves which create vacuum and restore the atmospheric pressure to the desired level, according to applicative requirements are necessary. Ensuring quick and correct vacuum is not a simple task because response times are not always those we desire.
Today it is possible to optimise intervention times thanks to the new 3-way servo operated solenoid valves 2” and 3” GAS by Vuototecnica, to increase suction up to 600 cum/h.
No one like those working in the chamber vacuum packaging sector understands the importance of the concept of suction flow, which can only be ensured by real opening diameter of the vacuum solenoid valves.
Vuototecnica‘s 07 08 13 and 07 09 13 solenoid valves ensure real suction flow diameters of 50 and 80mm.
In addition to being extremely quick and efficient, they operate with a low consumption electric coil which allows for a significant savings in energy and simple PLC management.
servo operated solenoid valves

Non-stop packaging: Vuototecnica cartridge vacuum generators

cartridge vacuum generators PVR 1-4
Palletising, packaging, pick'n'place, shaping,thermoforming, and sealing machines. The Packaging sector uses different machine to deliver the perfect, packaged products we use daily to our homes. Many of the machines use vacuum suction cups for pick-up and handling.

For nearly forty years Vuototecnica has manufactured products targeted at the packaging sector, offering updated and efficient solutions for all machines and all technical requirements. The new PVR 1-4 cartridge vacuum generators can be directly integrated on the suction pick-up parts of packaging machines.

In addition they allow for the suctioning of dust and small processing residues that may result from the handling of bulk products. Without causing clogging.

Therefore they are ideal for machines including: cartoning, wrapping, and blistering machines and all machines which require high operation frequency without the burden of stopping the machine to clean suction filters.

The PVR 1-4 cartridge vacuum generators have a maximum output even at low working pressures (2-3 bar) with a maximum vacuum level of -70 KPa.

Vacuum generation at the speed of Flexible Picker Robots

Automation through robots ensures the flexibility, productivity and and reliability necessary to the use in order to respond proactively to shorter life-cycles, new packaging designs and new product variations.
The three-gripper robots, real technological spiders, require gripping and vacuum generation technologies that can keep up to pace with the times.
Very small size, significantly reduced weight: these are the features which make the new Vuototecnica vacuum generator FVG (Fast Vacuum generator) with ejector, the preferred product for installation on flexible pickers.
Specifically designed for very high frequency picking and placement, it is made completely of anodized aluminium. It is equipped with a system, which can be disabled by the customer, for generating a counter blow inside the suction cup at the moment the component to be handled is released. Maximum output even at low supply pressure together with the ease of installation and its small size, make this generator an essential ally in robotised pick up and placement.

Packaging and handling of crumbly baked goods

Crackers are light and flaky baked goods. The fact is, however, that they are so thin and fragile that one must be extremely careful in order to avoid breaking them. In order to prevent such inconveniences with crackers and other light and flaky food products, their producers rely upon special handling techniques.
Vuototecnica offers BEC vacuum cups for non-contact gripping. Though designed for semiconductor plates, silicon disks, solar cells and foils and films made from precious metals, these units also have a wide range of potential applications in the food industry.

The vacuum cups are based on Bernoulli’s principle, the same theory that explains how an airplane’s wing produces lift. In fact, the “lift” effect that they generate even allows for light products to be lifted, with no need for contact to be made, and is used for a wide range of lifting and separating applications: including sheets of paper, cardboard and stacked laminations.

The BEC are equipped with anti-static food-grade silicone rubber spacers in order prevent any lateral movements of the gripped object. These special vacuum cups can also used for handling crumbly baked goods that produce light powders, such as crackers, thus preventing machine clogging and consequent production downtime. Flawless handling, with no contact!


The Vuototecnica siphon filter system with automatic by-pass

Sifone FS BP
Situations involving the suctioning of fluids containing large amounts of condensates and liquids can be complicated by the need for regular discharge operations.

For this reason, Vuototecnica has come up with an intelligent solution for the filtration of these types of liquids: the siphon filter system with automatic by-pass. Thanks to its two containers connected by an automatic by-pass and its three-way vacuum interception solenoid valve, this system wastes neither time nor money by emptying the accumulated liquid into the first container while continuing to filter through the second, with no interruptions and without altering the vacuum levels.

This tool can be further adapted to meet the user’s specific needs by regulating the discharge of the suctioned liquid itself. In addition to the two plexiglass siphon filters and solenoid valves, the unit also comes equipped with an electric control unit, which is contained within in a watertight metal box, as well as a painted steel frame, upon which all of the components are mounted.