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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 4

Vuototecnica Maxigrip Cups: red carpet stability and resistance

A convertible car driving along a deserted road at sunset, the sea alongside and accompanied by dreamlike music. We are in a film and the landscape slides past the window. What we see on the screen was specially prepared for us by a team of technical image experts.
The cameras for shooting of the car in motion require appropriate media to allow for a smoother shot without jerky movements and, above all, ensuring stability, given the high costs of the cameras. A German company has recently installed Vuototecnica Maxigrip Cups on the cars for perfect shooting of the cinematic scenes, a guarantee of perfect anchoring and stability.
With a very high friction coefficient, available in all shapes and sizes, the Maxigrip cups offer extreme flexibility of the grip lip, which allows them to adapt to flat, concave and convex surfaces, also on greasy or wet sheeting. As such, perfect to apply to the bodywork of a car.

They are available in all compounds and are stain-resistant and thus will not ruin the surface of the filming car. Finally the range of accessories (reductions, grafts, adapters and positionable knuckle joints) allow even greater stability in attachment of the film camera. Thus also the movement and speed of the car are not problematic.

Magnetic silicone compound suctions cups, to avoid unpleasant surprises

The use of suction cups in the food industry is becoming increasingly more common but the handling of products requires strict regulations and high quality standards. Caution must be used when picking up food products to prevent contaminating the products and to ensure maximum cleanliness.
For this reason, Vuototecnica offers magnetic silicone compound suction cups created especially for the food industry. The compound of suction cups can be easily detected in case of breakage or accidental detachment thanks to the metal detectors used to protect food products, which detect the ferrite powder contained in them.
In addition, the material has a high resistance to solvents, UV rays, oxygen, ozone and to chlorates, withstanding any type of production environment. The suction cups can be used at temperatures ranging from -50° to 275° C and for all types of food products.

Vuototecnica succeeds where others fail

Among the many successes achieved by Vuototecnica, we shall highlight one that is particularly outstanding. With the English branch, Vuototecnica UK, was recently designed for a known producer of bricks and paving, a system for handling different types of bricks with a single Octopus gripping head.
Octopus has permitted the depalletiser robot to work continuously, even in a highly dusty environment, such as that of production. The savings and end productivity have been greatly increased, without the need for costly downtime to adapt the suction plate to the different brick formats.
The Octopus depression gripping systems are the most flexible response for the palletising robot and depression gripping systems in general and in fact enable the gripping of objects of any shape and size. The greatest advantage is that there is no need to change or reposition the suction cups during the working phases.

Cleanliness and efficiency in the rice sector

In September, the rice is collected. ThroughoutItaly, operators of the sector are engaged in activities of selection and packaging of this food that will then be the king of winter tables. Once packaged, however, it must be distributed, necessitating palletising robots able to manipulate very heavy sacks and to insert them without damaging into boxes intended for end distributors.

Vuototecnica proposes an innovative Octopus vacuum gripper system with suction plates specially created for the gripping of paper or plastic sacks containing cereals, powders, loose products or liquids. The suction plates have a spongy seal which limits deformations of the sack while gripping and guarantees uniform contact with the entire surface thus avoiding tearing of the package and problematic vacuum leaks.
The spongy rubber maintains its elasticity even after many work cycles, is self-adhesive, easily replaceable and is made of a special compound that also allows gripping on very irregular surfaces.
When working in dusty environments such as in the case of agricultural and food companies, it is important to prevent the problematic stoppage of gripping systems. Vuototecnica has also thought of this and Octopus provides self-cleaning micro-holes on the suction plates. The dust that is inevitably suctioned through the micro-holes is instead trapped by a filter disc made of stainless steel mesh, located inside the bar base box which in any case permits easy inspection for cleaning.
The very fine dust, impossible for the filter disc to trap, is ultimately suctioned and expelled by the vacuum generator.

Vuototecnica… means confidence!

A well-known Italian manufacturer, a market leader in milk products sector in Italy, recently installed on its robotic palletizers, Octopus vacuum gripping system with two suction plates to stack and organize products and packs on pallets.
During the packaging a big company needs performing and safe tools, which can sustain continuous cycles of work and avoid waste of time and money.
The Octopus system is very efficient and allows very long work phases. With Octopus you can manipulate objects of any shape and size, without having to replace suction cups and even when their surface occupies only 5% of the suction plate.
Vuototecnica acts as a partner for the resolution of any problem in industry handling through vacuum.

A breath of fresh air for the graphic industry

macchina KBA Quality solutions specifically designed for the graphic and printing industry: we are talking about the Graphic Division of Vuototecnica . A division focused on the study and design of innovative technological solutions for printers, binders, and graphics and paper & cardboard companies. Feeders, sheet stoppers, folders, binders and gluers: there are many machines that can benefit from the use of vacuum and blower or suction pumps.

The suction and blower pneumatic pumps (SP/BP) are part of the flagship products of the Graphic Division and represent the new generation of multiple ejector pneumatic pumps (multi-stage). Nothing to do with the outdated electric and rotary vane pumps, both in terms of performance and from the point of view of the reliability and the cost of the product.
The Vuototecnica modular system saves up to 40% of compressed air, ensuring 80% less noise, and the total absence of heat, for a healthier and more liveable operating environment (60-65dB). In addition, the pumps work in complete autonomy and require almost no maintenance, just periodic cleaning of the filters.
Thanks to the new ejectors, the SP/BP pumps allow an advantageous relationship between the amount of air consumed and that suctioned (or blown), for substantially reduced operating consumption.

It is, in fact, possible to adjust the degree of vacuum (or pressure) and the flow rate, simply according to the air pressure, and to manage the pumps with proportional valves for compressed air, limiting consumption to a minimum, depending on the weight and the porosity of paper and cardboard in the printing machine.

And the benefits don’t end here: pumps are available in several sizes, and, given their very low weight, can be installed directly on the machine.

They only blow fresh air free of impurities, condensate or oil vapours between the sheets to be separated and allow a reduction of the electrostatic charges generated by the blown hot air of the traditional electric pumps. To learn more, download the Vuototecnica Graphic Division brochure.
pompe pneumatiche aspiranti e soffianti

Supersonic speeds with single-stage vacuum generators 15 02 10

For grip and release applications at very high frequencies in any application requiring considerable speed, Vuototecnica proposes the single-stage vacuum generators with ejector 15 02 10.

These single-stage Venturi ejectors have the special characteristic of being equipped with a compressed air storage chamber which is loaded during the ejector supply phase, to then be automatically discharged inside the sucker cup to generate a counter blow to facilitate the release of the object picked up.

In the video, you can have a look at one of the many uses of the vacuum generator 15 02 10 and see the fast operating speeds permitted by this instrument for extreme cycles, like with the rate of 23,000 cycles/h shown in the footage.

Maximum care, safe grip

“Maximum care” is the watchword when it comes to handling fragile or deformable food products.
To prevent fragile or lightweight products from breaking, Vuototecnica has BEC suction cups for non-contact handling. The cups are based on the Bernoulli theorem, and allow products to be lifted without the need for contact like the puff pastry, a food that is quite delicate and easily deformed when handled.

The BEC also have spacers made of silicone and antistatic rubber for foods that keep the gripped object from moving side to side.

Self-closing valves, the efficiency of the Vuototecnica grip since the ’80s

The Vuototecnica commitment has always been to ensure its customers efficiency and energy savings. In this same vein, Vuototecnica has been designing and manufacturing self-closing valves for application on various types of suction cups since the 1980s.
These special one-way valves, when the object to be taken is missing, are able to automatically and hermetically close the suction part of the cup, in this way allowing the flow field of the vacuum source to concentrate only on the gripping suction cups, without undesirable reduction of the degree of vacuum.
Self-closing valves
For years now, Vuototecnica has been successfully working on suction manipulators for gripping sheeting, glass or marble slabs, wood panels or, in any case, where there is a need for maximum operational flexibility on grippers, for differing shape and size products arriving in the withdrawal area.

In addition, the 14..05/10/15 series valves are characterised by the fact that they can be calibrated in operational sensitivity by means of an adjustment screw that acts on the opposing force of the springs contained in it. This option provides the user the opportunity to adjust the self-closing valves depending on the volume of the suction cup associated with it.

For different reasons during in-line manipulation, suction cups may not properly grip the object to be withdrawn. The need remains, however, for the safety of a non-lowering of the degree of vacuum in the network and the opportunity to retry the suction cup gripping, simply moving it closer to the surface to be gripped.
Vuototecnica has also thought of this possibility and proposes their 14..11 series self-closing valves with the same functions as those just described but with controlled loss. The grip shutter of these valves allows for minimum suction even when closed, thus allowing the suction cup grip to simply rest again on the surface of the object to be withdrawn. The lowering of the degree of the vacuum, in the absence of an object to be withdrawn, remains controlled and recovered by the flow field of the vacuum source. All Vuototecnica self-closing valves can work in any position and are made completely of anodized aluminium. Self-closing valves

Save energy with the AVG vacuum generator

For businesses, saving energy has now become a primary necessity. And the automotive industry, in which operational performance goes hand in hand with the need for energy efficiency, is a perfect example. These requirements must be taken into account for the robotic handling of sheet metal, glass and plastic automotive parts.
Vuototecnica fully satisfies these requirements with the AVG (automotive vacuum generator), which is designed to be mounted directly upon the robots themselves, even the smallest and most flexible models.
Due to specific industry requirements, the AVG has been specially equipped with single stage ejectors in order to ensure faster vacuum generation within the vacuum cups mounted upon the gripping elements.

Thanks to the AVG’s adjustable and integrated pneumatic vacuum switch, companies can enjoy a compressed air savings of up to 40%. In fact, the AVG unit is designed to interrupt the compressed air flow when it reaches the predetermined maximum vacuum level, and only reactivates it when the vacuum level falls below the minimum threshold.
The AVG even continues to save energy, as described above, in the total absence of electrical power, or rather in the event of a power failure or line disconnection. Thanks to this essential energy saving feature, the AVG has succeeded in distinguishing itself from its various competitors throughout the industry.

In fact, the standard venturi tubes installed upon the grippers of the automotive industry’s robots are generally supplied by normally open solenoid compressed air valves which, due to their configuration, continue to remain open (and consume compressed air), even when the power supply is not present. The AVG, on the other hand, maintains its power-saving functionality even when its miniature pneumatic solenoid valve is disconnected from the electrical electrical power supply. A second miniature pneumatic solenoid valve is mounted on board the AVG for injecting compressed air into the vacuum circuit, thus ensuring the rapid recovery of the atmospheric pressure inside the vacuum cups, as well as the thorough cleaning of the vacuum pipes.

Thanks to its larger and high-performance SSX series free-flow exhaust mufflers, the AVG will not cause increased noise pollution at the workplace. The unit can be equipped with a 12 05 11 series micro digital vacuum switch, and is even available in the AVG..P configuration, which guarantees the jolt and impact protection required by the automotive industry.

The AVG range is currently made up of the following models: AVG18 and AVG25