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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 8

Built-in suction Cups with special ball valve for the wood industry

built-in suction cups with a ball valve For the realization of vacuum work surfaces, in particular for CNC machines for woodworking, Vuototecnica designed these built-in suction cups with a ball valve able to create vacuum and retain panels to be processed only when these are resting on suction cups.

Only if the panel load activates the valve sealing ball, suction is activated, to avoid unnecessary vacuum losses when there is no piece to be clamped.
In addition, these special suction cups, designed specifically for the woodworking industry, have a sturdy cylindrical support in anodized aluminum and a squared closure block in brass, which prevents the suction cup rotation and also acts as an vacuum distribution manifold. On request, we can produce them in other materials.

To see the designs and choose the suction cups, in different compounds, you can refer to the online catalogue, or, please, request a hard copy to the company or download apps for iPad and iPhone, to always have with you the best solutions for each project.
PJ Plate

Handling mozzarella packs with Vuototecnica Octopus system

In this video, you can see a Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping system with a PJ suction plate in action.

It is perfect for handling bulk products packs containing liquids, such as in the case of these mozzarella packs. As you can imagine, this is a very delicate process, because the gripping surface is not uniform in weight and shape.

And yet Octopus perfectly adapts to robots operating speed, it is gentle on the packs, thus avoiding unwanted operating stops and losses. The package is not deformed because the plates gasket and their gripping surface allow to limit the deformation of the pack, thus reducing the loss of vacuum to the minimum.
PJ plates are made of anodized aluminum, are very durable, and have a rubber sponge gasket.

They are also suitable for the gripping of plastic bags containing in powdered and granulated products.

The lifting force is calculated considering a vacuum level of at least -75 Kpa. In addition, they are available in different sizes depending on the load to be lifted.

And if you wish to repurpose your robots for other applications, you can replace them in a very simple and straightforward way.
PJ Plate

Vuototecnica: an ally for car manufacturers

Automotive industry Car manufacturers know that the stage of production and assembly of cars is important to have a quality product.

So in recent years small video showing skilled workers in action at the production line – are increasingly popular. Their purpose is to advertise cars performances.

The connection is intuitive: product care in the production line means an excellent workmanship vehicle.
The robotic handling of cars sheet metal, glass and plastic components is part of this quality process in which Vuototecnica has been working for several years in collaboration with leading manufacturers engineering departments. Beginning with solutions specially designed for gripping and handling curved and uneven surfaces such as car bodies or special molded plastic to be removed from the presses.

Vuototecnica swivel joints (GSV and GSVF), in anodized aluminum, have a great deal of flexibility for these tasks: they allow you to rotate the suction cup installed on them up to 360°, and to tilt it on its axis up to 35° to block it correctly respect to gripping surface of the object to be taken, ensuring, at the same time, the suction through the hub and a perfect seal.
swivel joints
Maxigrip vacuum cups These joints are recommended on grippers together with Maxigrip cups, suction cups that have an unmatched grip on metal plates and glasses in contact with oil, grease and gasoline.

Fluids are drained and the lip is able to adapt to any surface characteristics. Without a trace. Suction cups for the automotive industry can also be produced in BENZ compound, resistant to chlorine which is usually found in oils for deep drawing and metal sheets stamping.
For vacuum generation, Vuototecnica designed a device that can be mounted directly on robots, even on smallest and flexible ones.

AVG (Automotive Vacuum Generator) has a single-stage ejector which allows for faster vacuum generation with the same flow compared to multi-stage ejectors generators. The grip is a snap in this way.

Consider that compared to traditional generators AVG allows an air energy saving of 40%. A pneumatic vacuum switch is fitted as standard able to interrupt the power supply once reached maximum preset vacuum deegree and then it is restored only when the value falls below a minimum threshold.
The most important innovation is that even when there is no electricity, the device can operate in this way, an important factor when working on robotic lines that may face sudden stops or blackouts. So you will save money and you do not lose sheets and glasses in the assembly line. AVG can also be equipped with a free flow SSX series exhaust silencer, and you can also order it in AVG__P configuration, with protection against shocks: to meet industry-specific protocols.

Removing goods from pallets has never been so easy

You can see in action a de-palletizer robot in this video. Four Vuototecnica GVMM ejectors and 08 22 19 S bellow suction cups were mounted on it. As you can see, with this equipment, the robot has a maximum operational flexibility being able to work with four independent vacuum circuits for four suction cups rows.

GVM modular and multifunction vacuum generators are in fact real autonomous units able to manage the main functions of a traditional vacuum circuit for controlling suction cups for handling.
GVMM are equipped as standard with:
  • Technology with multi-stage nozzles designed to maximize the suction flow with very low consumption of compressed air

  • A microsolenoid valve for the compressed air supply (activation suction) and another for the counter blow management (to speed the release of the suction cups), with adjustment screw for the flow rate.

  • A vacuum distribution manifold, made of transparent methacrylate, with three independent intake outputs protected by a filter in stainless steel mesh that can be inspected and cleaned

  • A check valve you can easily access to and clean

  • A vacuum switch with digital display
Vuototecnica GVMM can also be equipped with a cable for compressed air energy saving (code 00 15 202 or 00 15 203) with which you can join the microsolenoid valve for the compressed air supply with the digital vacuum switch.

By doing so, the microsolenoid valve for compressed air supply of the generator is activated, allowing the generation of vacuum. When the degree of vacuum is at the predetermined maximum from the vacuum switch, this one interrupts the power supply on the electric coil of the solenoid valve and the vacuum is maintained for use (suction cups) thanks to the check valve incorporated in the generator.

Only when the vacuum level drops below the minimum value selected with the vacuum switch hysteresis, the power supply is restarted. This suggests the great compressed air savings in application environments where the suction cups operate on good seal materials such as metal sheets or glass.
082219 vacuum cups GVMM generators are available with different suction capacities (3-7-10-14 mc/h) and a maximum vacuum level of -85 KPa.

The suction cup holds the object in the outlet until the vacuum is applied. Then the piston rod returns to the starting position and the cycle is repeated.

08 22 19S bellows suction cups you can see in the video retract very rapidly – after resting on the plastic plugs surface and the vacuum is set – allowing for simple separation of stacked objects.

They are available in different compounds depending on the surface to be removed.


Gripping pasta packs with Vuototecnica Octopus system

We have often considered the countless advantages of Vuototecnica Octopus system. What makes it a successful product is the ability to adapt to the needs of producers.

A unique and very valuable response prompted to operational flexibility for palletizing robots and, in general, for vacuum gripping systems, because you just change the plates and you find quickly a different product, useful for another application.

In the video, you can see one of the several applications: our SO 20 30 J Octopus with PVP 140 MPO vacuum generator.
A PJ suction plate was mounted to this Octopus, a plate which is perfect for gripping plastic or paper bags containing bulk products, such as pasta.

Octopus does its job very well without causing breakage. The load is safe! Without unwanted downtime or not budgeted economic handicaps. The pack, as you can see, is not deformed and the loss of vacuum is minimized. In addition, the plates were selected in the perfect size for these packs.

Their workmanship is not to be underestimated, it leads to operational and maintenance advantages: they are made ​​of anodized aluminum and are equipped with special rubber sponge gasket, for a more effective grip; and you can replace them, in a very simple and fast way, with other Octopus standard plates.

Vuototecnica vacuum cylinders in action on a paper sheets feeder

In this video, you can see Vuototecnica 25 05 10 vacuum cylinders mounted on a paper sheets feeder.

Notice how suction cups separate sheets in a continuous and fast way, in progression, without causing deformation or breaking on the surface of the paper.

The grip of sheets is an important stage of the printing process and it requires short and fast cycles with the highest accuracy. These are guarantees Vuototecnica can subscribe proudly.
Cylinders operate in vacuum and they are provided with a front vacuum chamber and a back chamber at atmospheric pressure. The larger is the pressure differential between the two chambers, the greater is the push of the piston, which is connected to the piston rod, on which finally you can mount the suction cup.

The suction cup holds the object in the outlet until the vacuum is applied. Then the piston rod returns to the starting position and the cycle is repeated. Everything is designed for efficiency: the piston is non-rotating and it is able to automatically compensate for the heights that divide it from objects to be taken.

Even the materials are designed in a reasoned way: anodized aluminum for the cylinders, with a special bushing in technopolymer that lubricates autonomy and ensures a long service life of the components.

La Sfera Srl: Sabino Lamanna tells us how to carry copper bars from the automatic warehouse to production lines

La Sfera S.r.l. situated in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) has been working for years to help Vuototecnica end customers to choose the right solutions.

La Sfera collaborates with technical departments to find the ideal solution and develops projects of plant, machinery and equipment, providing Vuototecnica solutions for automation.

We interviewed Mr. Sabino Lamanna and he explain us the success of the products we see in action in this video.
“We created, with one of our customers, a portal for transporting copper bars from the automatic warehouse to the production line.” As you can see, “Two different types of suction cups were used to lift them, because the size and the weight of the bars vary constantly. The number of suction cups that are activated depends on their type and weight. The minimum weight is 0.5 kg. The maximum is 40 kg”. Even the size of the products to be handled changes constantly:

“The minimum length is 500 mm, and the maximum is 4,000 mm; the minimum width is 25 mm, the maximum 100 mm; the minimum thickness is 5 mm, and the maximum 50 mm”. Despite the different types of product and the constant changes in size, Vuototecnica gets along in an excellent way and allows ample room for customization.

“The machine you see in action in this video”, explains Sabino Lamanna, “works thanks to twelve 150310 vacuum generators with SSX ½ silencer , which makes them very silent; one 122010 P digital vacuum switch; twenty VEP 3060 B elliptical suction cups and seventy 082511 A round suction cups”.

A more profitable alternative to electric vacuum pumps with rotating vanes in the wood industry

Innovation is important in every industry. And so Vuototecnica conceived a new solution for the woodworking industry, an alternative to common vacuum dry pumps with rotating vanes.

We are talking about PA series pneumatic suction pumps that allow better performance and several extra benefits to the users. These pumps are simple to use, smaller and more compact and allow to obtain the same degree of vacuum of a classic dry pump. PA pumps are made of hi-tech materials, are lighter and can be installed directly on the machine.

They are not as noisy as rotating vane pumps are! This is because they do not have moving parts, due to their Venturi static operating principle who uses the kinetic energy of the compressed air by means of in line multiple ejectors. So they last longer, they do not produce annoying vibrations, they do not emit heat.

In addition, main defects are removed: such as overheating and wearing. There are no more downtimes for maintenance. PA standard pumps are equipped with a pressure filter-reducer devicefor the supply air, and with a suction filter with 5/7 microns microporous paper cartridge, for retaining even thinner wood dust. Therefore, the maintenance for the end customer is equal to the sole periodical cleaning of the filters.

The initial vacuum pick is even greater with Vuototecnica PA140 pump and allows instant locking of parts such as bodyshells, which have uneven surface bends. Once you understand technical advantages and performance of Vuototecnica new pumps, you can consider their economic benefits.
PA 140
CNC PA pump costs as an old pump complete maintenance with change of the blades; and without stopping the machine you also gains in terms of time and actual production. And talking about saving, PA pumps have an exceptional ratio between consumed air and intake air, to the benefit of operational consumption.
They are powered by compressed air at a pressure ranging from 1 to 6 bar, they can produce a maximum depression of 90% and have a suction capacity between 3 and 320 mc/h, measured at standard atmospheric pressure of 1013 mbar. Depending on the supply air pressure, you have the possibility to adjust the degree of vacuum and the flow.

Handling marble and sawn granite in complete safety with Vuototecnica suction cups

In the handling of marble and sawn granite slabs, you must pay particular attention to materials quality and characteristics.

In this video you can see in action the Vuototecnica round plane suction cups with vulcanized support (08 … 40 series), employed for more than 25 years with satisfaction by leading companies in the field of marble.

These suction cups are designed for lifting and moving heavy loads, both horizontally and vertically.
Suction cup double lip adapts to sawn and irregular surfaces in an exemplary manner, such as the ones you see in the video, ensuring a perfect grip. These vacuum cups have a labyrinth graved table top, too, made in he same compound, which also allows the management of thin and fragile slabs, without bending materials when gripping them.

They can also be used in other fields with equal success, such as, for example, for the grip of embossed or corrugated sheets, rough wooden planks, concrete prefabricated.

Vuototecnica pneumatic mini vacuum switches: keeping up with the times

Efficiency, light weight, small size. These are the keywords of innovation today. Vuototecnica always answers to market signals in a prompt and responsive way, and to meet the needs of customers designed a vacuum switch which has very small size: the pneumatic mini vacuum switch.

This device is able to generate or eliminate, depending on the model, a pneumatic signal at the attainment of a certain vacuum degree, previously set by the customer.

It is ideal for the control of Vuototecnica multi-stage vacuum generators PVP 25/75 MDX that, in their shape, have a special site for the installation of this mini vacuum switch.
pneumatic mini vacuum switches
Once mounted, combined with a pneumatic slide valve and a special check valve, it allows users a considerable supply compressed air energy saving and increases the capacity of the generator. The pressure differential existing between the maximum set value and the reset value of the signal at rest is about 100mbar.