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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 9

Gripping ceramic tiles: save energy, caring about quality!

See with your own eyes the advantage gained thanks to the use of Vuototecnica products.

It is the best way for you to understand the work and passion that the company puts into play in all fields of relevance.

Consider, for example, ceramic tiles pick & place, in this video.

GVMM modular multifunctional ejectors were mounted on a tiles sorting machine. They are so compact and so little that you can’t almost see them.
In addition, they allow a great operating speed, because the vacuum generation and the blow-off release take place in a flash. Besides the advantages which are immediately visible, the manufacturer found a remarkable supply compressed air energetic saving. This thanks to multistage ejectors vacuum generation technology.

The generator creates the vacuum at at use, activating the compressed air supply micro solenoid valve. When the maximum is reached, the vacuum switch acts on the micro solenoid valve electric coil and interrupts the power supply. The vacuum switch restores the power supply when the vacuum degree falls below the set minimum value. So you can establish yourself safety values and you can save money.
GCVMM with energy saving cables
In the application case illustrated in this video, the customer choose to enhance energy saving, using a special cable that connects the digital vacuum switch with the compressed air supply valve, allowing the supply stop as soon as you reach the optimal vacuum degree, dealing with the gripping and release of the tiles.

Another Vuototecnica GVMM plus point is you can do a total inspection. You can carry out the ejector maintenance in its every single component, in a fast and simple way.

You can understand well that this is a basic requirement, especially when you have to do with production environments like this in which you can find a strong presence of impalpable powders that can clog the suction filters thus affecting productivity.

Octopus, vacuum gripping superhero, in action with bricks of different shape and weight

Sometimes you do not seize the opportunities, because you do not know them.

This often happens in the field of extruders, where the manipulation of bricks and materials is still too often performed with mechanical grippers that have very high costs ensuring a lower operating flexibility than Vuototenica solution you can see in the video below.

Once again Octopus vacuum gripping superhero, comes to your rescue.

Thanks to its flexibility, it is able to manipulate bricks of different shapes and weight in a very safe way.
Vuototecnica Octopus
The gripping plate is in foamed rubber and fits in a mimetic way to the shape of objects to be taken. And the most interesting thing is that there is no need to change or replace suction cups, even when their surface occupies only 5% of the suction plate. Their strength is unrivaled and they do not need any special maintenance. A great advantage in terms of cost and time.

To learn about Octopus, contact Vuototecnica designers, no commitment, and you’ll discover how to save money by getting a flexible solution which fits to your needs.

Octopus PJ stands for flexibility: it empties bags of bulk commodities

Octopus PJ vacuum gripping plates have extreme operational flexibility and we have been shown you some popular applications, including the taking of bags with liquid or bulk products; and we also pointed out a big advantage: thanks to a delicate operation, Octopus does not break the packs, although it does the job quickly and safely. Unless you require it. What do we mean?

In this video you can see Octopus PJ in a new version. Here, the Octopus head picks the sack full of product from the pallet and compresses it on a sharp tool in order to open the sack and store the powder in a container.
The empty bag is held and then released in the given area with ease.
The vacuum generator, here located on the Octopus head, is fed pneumatically through robot standard pneumatic ducts. As you can see, the gripping hand is very rational and compact. The deformation of the bag is almost equal to zero with minimum loss of vacuum. The lifting force is calculated considering a vacuum level of at least -75 Kpa.

Then there is the maximum customization of the product. The plates are made ​​of anodized aluminum and you can replace them if necessary with others, in different sizes and shapes, in a simple way.
Do you want to replicate this application or try a new one? Contact our staff to customize the product according to your needs.

Unstacking boxes and trays with Vuototecnica PVP1

You can see two unstackers for plastic trays, in the following video.

The trays are disimpilated with ease and on a regular basis and then equipped with cover.

If you pay attention to the pictures, you can see, in line with the suction cups, decentralized vacuum sources, very close to suction cups.

These are Vuototenica PVP1 single-stage vacuum generators.

PVP1 are not bulky and they are easy to assemble to supports as well as very quiet.

They take advantage of Venturi principle and the maintenance is very simple.

They are not in plastic as many competitor products are instead; nozzles are made ​​of anodized aluminum and do not deform over time, even when the supply compressed air is contaminated with liquid or impurities that could damage them.

For this reason, the air flow and the characteristics of consumption are not changing, if you’ll do regular maintenance; even after several years of operation.

Vuototecnica solutions for pharmaceutical packaging

PVR 1-4 vacuum generators For the packaging of medicines and energy products in blister, robotic technology made ​​great strides and requires a clean working environment, now, despite the large amount of dust and waste resulting from the packaging of these products, in compliance with strict industry regulations.

Given the high standards of production, Vuototecnica offers its PVR 1-4 vacuum generators.

The considerable advantage of these generators is that even in presence of dust they don’t get clogged and it is possible to integrate them within the machines in a simple and fast way. Their maximum degree of vacuum is -70KPa and they have excellent efficiency even at low pressures of use (2-3 bar).
PVR 1-4 do not require suction filters in line, but for those who still relies on traditional applications with centralized vacuum source, as it can be a vacuum pump with rotating vanes, Vuototecnica designed FCL paper cartridge filters.

These filters are able to retain all the impurities, from the finest dust. They have many advantages compared to normally used disposable filters. In the long run, you will save money and time otherwise spent on maintenance.

Watching them, you understand the potential: they are small and the body in transparent plexiglass allows a wide visual inspection to assess the state of clogging of the cartridge. A gesture only: you can just clean up the paper cartridge with compressed air to start over. If you do not immediately see clogging, do not worry. The air flow is maintained even with partial occlusion of the filter cartridge.
FCL filters
You can install them directly on the pipes near vacuum suction cups and vacuum systems. Anyway, the aluminum end caps, with different types of thread, ensure maximum flexibility. You can interchange the connection threaded flange. FCL filters have been specially designed for the management of vacuum and due to their internal geometry, they allow higher section and flow rate than in-line filters you can finde on the market today.

Construction sites: generate vacuum with motor compressor

DOP pneumatic mini pump
Hoisting equipment with suction cups are still the safest and easiest way to install glass in windows, in building sites, during renovations or construction of new buildings.

For the supply of suction cups in such situations, Vuototecnica designed DOP pneumatic mini pump set powered exclusively by compressed air, with PVP multi-stage pneumatic vacuum generators and energy saving device.

These devices allow to maintain automatically the preset vacuum degree in the tank and in the suction cups, thanks to the standard pneumatic vacuum switch. So you can avoid unpleasant and costly losses of load
They are equipped with a tank in welded sheet steel, a vacuum gauge for the reading, a manual valve for intercepting vacuum, a suction filter with paper cartridge, a pressure regulator with filter, a pneumatic valve to open or close the generator power supply, a pinch valve for the compressed air and a tap to drain the condensate of the tank.

The fact that they are fed and managed exclusively with compressed air makes them particularly suitable for environments such as construction sites; when there is no electric power supply or in areas at risk of explosion.
To know in detail DOP mini pump set operation and benefits for your business, contact Vuototecnica designers.

Maximum flexibility, maximum stability in the grip of marble, glass and ceramics

Gripping marble, glass, cement and ceramics products – which have an extra smooth and slippery surface, or on the contrary have very rough and irregular finishes – is always a problem.

Manufacturing companies producing these materials are distressed, because these are often very expensive pieces and any loss of load means large unexpected expenses.

Vuototecnica designed for all these cases a very flexible round flat suction cup (item code 08 80 20), able to adapt to all these surfaces.
Round flat suction cup It has a very thin, soft and sensitive lip; and with its bearing surface, with unique reliefs, allows a considerable grip with the load.

In addition, it has the advantage of interchangeability: it can be fitted without adhesives on the support in anodized aluminum, which is itself easily attachable to the machine thanks to a central threaded hole.

It goes without saying that the replacement of this suction cup is very simple. You can change the rubber compound according to the materials of the objects to manipulate and depending on the environment.

Hospitals and laboratories: vacuum supply must not fail!

There are cases in which it is necessary to ensure vacuum seven days a week round the clock. For example, in hospitals or in research laboratories, where the vacuum centralization must be continuous and efficient.

Vuototecnica designed for these situations DSV vertical security vacuum pump set conceived for the normal operation of a pump with the option to insert a second one when higher consumptions are expected, or in the case in which the predetermined vacuum minimum value falls accidentally. When this happens, a visible and audible alarm system starts, on the electrical panel, and even from a distance.

In the electrical control panel there are: an automatic time reverser in order to be sure that the pumps work alternately, wearing out the
Hospitals and laboratories
vertical safety pumpset same way; switches for selecting the pumps operation (manual or automatic); a counter for counting the hours of operation of each pump.For additional security, electrical board is enclosed in a special metal case.

Each vacuum pump set is also made up of:
– A vertical tank made ​​of leak-proof, welded sheet steel, with a vacuum meter to read the degree of vacuum at all times
– Two rotary vane pumps with manual valves to exclude them when necessary
– Three vacuum switches to establish the minimum level of security below which the alarm is activated and to adjust the vacuum range within which each pump has to work
– A valve for intercepting the vacuum
– A tap for condensate discharge

Perfect vacuum seal and emptying speed, in vacuum bagging processes for composite materials

Vacuum pressing bags for composite fibers products require safe and easy to apply suction valves.
Vuototecnica designed its valves without neglecting any detail. VSS series valves consist of a steel distributor, which must be inserted inside the bag, and which is provided with a cam seat able to receive the connection fast coupling to vacuum. The joint is knurled, made ​​of anodized aluminum, very practical to connect to the distributor, simply by turning on its axis 90 degrees after having inserted it.

There is a silicone gasket among the joint, the distributor and the vacuum bag. It guarantees the perfect vacuum seal even in contexts of temperature autoclave.
VSS series valves
On VSS valve female threads 3/8" or ½" gas, you can mount two-way manual valves, quick release couplings or coupling for hoses.This ensures maximum flexibility but also the maximum suction flow rate.
The oversized VSS valves suction section distinguishes them in emptying performance from similar existing valves in the field of vacuum bagging for composite fibers. There are two available versions of these valves (VSS 3/8" and VSS ½") but Vuototecnica can customize the product to each manufacturer needs.

Adapting to environment is a simple job for Vuototecnica special cup holders

Special cup holders
Suction cups always steal the show from their essential partners: cup holders. Vuototecnica designers know, in any case, that it is a seeming subservience because these ones often resolve operational and installation problems, even in harsh environments.

This is the case of special cup holders, able to work under humidity extreme conditions and in very dusty environments, too.

here are different types with high, low or double springing path, depending on the load to be lifted and on suction cups to be mounted (simple or bellows).
There is also the possibility to request them with a feeler pin or a feeler valve, devices able to open the suction only when the suction cup is in contact with the load.

In this way, we avoid waste of power supply because when the surface is not uniform or when not all pads are in contact with the load, no vacuum is created.

You can also think of providing them with self-closing valve that literally excludes non-contact suction cups and also prevents the lowering of vacuum degree in other suction cups.
feeler pin or a feeler valve
Special jointed cup holders However, when the load is not parallel to suction cups, special jointed cup holders (with or without swivel joint) do the job. Compensating for errors in perpendicularity, allow the grip safely.

They are finally available in non-rotating version and in different materials, to solve all handling and assembly problems.

And if you need something special for your application, you may also contact us to request a custom design.