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Mini pneumatic pumpsets DOP 20

Mini pneumatic pumpsets DOP 20

This mini pump set is set apart from the previously ones for the vacuum generator installed, as well as for the tank volume.
Vacuum generators of the series PVP... MDX ES are in fact equipped with an energy saving device which automatically maintains the preset level of vacuum inside the tank.
The other accessories installed, except the vacuum switch and the pneumatically driven valve for vacuum generator supply, are the same installed on DOP 06 and DOP 10. Their intended use is the same as the previously described mini pneumatic pump sets.
Product codes: DOP20PVP25MDX DOP20PVP35MDX

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Pneumatic pumpsets DOP 25

Pneumatic pumpsets DOP 25

Pneumatic pump sets are self-contained vacuum production units, fed exclusively by compressed air.
They are composed of:
- A welded sheet steel tank
- A compressed air vacuum generator of the series PVP ... MDX ES, equipped with an energy saving device
- A vacuum gauge for reading the level of vacuum
- A manual valve for vacuum interception
- A suction filter with FC series paper cartridge
- A pressure regulator with filter and pressure gauge
- A shut off valve to intercept compressed air
- A cock for condensation drainage from the tank
The level of vacuum in the tank, previously set with the vacuum switch in the generator, is automatically maintained. The pneumatic pump sets are normally used to handle particularly heavy or valuable loads, as it allows vacuum cups to maintain grip for a certain period of time (varies according to tank capacity) even during unexpected absence of power. These pump sets are recommended for multi-point applications, to centralise vacuum. In both cases, use of the pump set is especially advantageous under the profile of energy savings as the generator only operates when a vacuum is required by the utility machine.
The pneumatic pump sets do not require any electrical current but only compressed air at 4-6 bar pressure. Recommended in working environments where ignition sources could cause a fire hazard.
Product codes: DOP25PVP25MDX DOP25PVP35MDX

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