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Syphon filter system with automatic by-pass fs 50 bp

Syphon filter system with automatic by-pass fs 50 bp

This system is composed of two syphon filters. It starts working with suction through filter 1 while filter 2 is excluded. When the sucked liquid reaches the level switch floater via the 1” 1/2 3-way vacuum interception solenoid valves, the suction is automatically commuted to filter 2. The inlet of atmospheric air in filter 1, via the 1/2” 3-way solenoid valve installed on its lid allows automatically draining the liquid through the check valve with cock located at the bottom of the filter. Once the liquid has been drained after a set time (this operation can be timed), the solenoid valve returns to its initial position, thus allowing the recreation of vacuum inside the filter, through a small flexible pipe connected to the main vacuum piping. Thanks to this solution, there is no reduction of the vacuum level at the service when the suction exchange between the two filters occurs. This exchange occurs when the liquid reaches the level switch floater in filter 2 and from that moment on, the operations described above will be repeated. The filter system is composed of:
- 2 Plexiglas syphon filters with aluminium lids and with accessories, with a capacity of 38 litres each.
- 2 1” 1/2 gas servo-controlled 3-way vacuum solenoid valves art. 07 06 11.
- 2 1/2” gas servo-controlled 3-way solenoid valves art. 07 03 11.
- 4 1” 1/2 gas 2-way manual valves for vacuum interception art. 13 07 10.
- 2 1/2” gas 2-way manual valves for the inlet of atmospheric air art. 13 03 10.
- 1 switchgear enclosed in a watertight metal casing for Volt 230/ 50 Hz single-phase electric voltage.
- 1 frame in varnished steel profiles for the assembly of all the components described above.
The syphon filtre system with automatic by-pass is recommended when there is a considerable presence of liquid in the sucked fluid and the machines cannot be stopped for draining the sucked liquid with traditional syphon filtres. Technical features:
Working pressure: from 0.5 to 2000 mbar abs.
Fluid temperature: from -5 to +50 °C
Filtering degree: 44 μ.
Product code: FS50BP

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