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Octopus gripping bars art. Bo 12 100x and bo 12 120x

Octopus gripping bars art. Bo 12 100x and bo 12 120x

OCTOPUS vacuum gripping bars are our answer to the ever increasing requirements of palletisation robots operational flexibility. They are composed of:
- A slotted fixing plate,to allow a quick installation onto the machine and an easy placement with respect to the load to be lifted;
- Two or three compressed air-fed vacuum generators, according to their size;
- A box made with light alloy, sealed by a suction plate coated with special perforated foam rubber.
The suction plate perfectly adapts itself to any surface, either smooth, rough or uneven. These bars allow gripping objects of any shape and feature, provided that they do not have an excessive transpiration, without having to change or place vacuum cups and even when their surface does not occupy the entire suction plate. The maximum weight of the load to be lifted will obviously be proportional with the gripping surface. The connections provided for are four: one provided with quick coupler, for supplying compressed air to the vacuum generator; one for the possible installation of a vacuum switch, and two, closed by a threaded cap, for the air inlet inside the OCTOPUS bar in the discharge phase, for a prompt restoration of the atmospheric pressure.
Product codes: BO12100X BO12120X

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