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Bag gripping suction plates pj for octopus systems

Bag gripping suction plates pj for octopus systems

These suction plates have been designed to allow gripping paper or plastic bags containing powders, granulated products, bulk products or liquids. These suction plates are associated with OCTOPUS systems that fully exploit their performance. They are made with anodised aluminium and are provided with a special foam rubber seal. They are perfectly interchangeable with the OCTOPUS system standard suction plates. The shapes of the seal and the face allow reducing bag deformation in the Gripping phase, reducing vacuum loss to the minimum and guaranteeing the largest gripping surface possible. Their lifting force has been calculated considering a minimum vacuum level of -75 Kpa, the overall gripping surface enclosed in the seal and a safety factor 3.
Product codes: PJ1520 PJ2030 PJ2040 PJ2060 PJ3040 PJ3050 PJ4060

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