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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 1

Save energy with vacuum

save energy with vacuums What is the state of the art in vacuum technologies in the field of energy saving?
Designing and creating solutions that allow saving energy is a must. In fact, on one hand, it allows considerably reducing production costs, mainly in all those industrial processes where primary energy has a high cost, while on the other; it contributes to promoting environmental sustainability.
However, vacuum plants are frequently misused; being either oversized or neglected due to the lack of information on new vacuum generation technologies, which results in excessive energy consumption.

What kind of energy savings does the correct knowledge of vacuum plants allow for?
In a vacuum generation plant, the correct sizing and the use of adequate equipment allow saving 50% energy with a drastic reduction of vacuum pumps wear and maintenance.
Which is the main mistake made when using vacuum plants?
In 60% of cases, vacuum pumps operate continuously, even when the machine or the system they are installed on, do not require vacuum. This results in a waste of energy, premature wear and constant maintenance to prevent machine downtime. All this generates costs that affect the operating economy of the plant.

Which are the solutions offered by Vuototecnica?
Whenever possible, depending on the work cycle, Vuototecnica offers and recommends using a pumpset (pump and tank) or a central vacuum system (pumps and tank) that allow: reducing the number of direct suction vacuum pumps; concentrating and limiting vacuum pump control and maintenance in one single area; reducing the actual pump operation time by 40%, given the same work cycle of one or more pumps that are always active; preventing machine downtime thanks to the help of safety pumpsets, with vacuum pumps that operate in tandem and control panels that constantly monitor their operation.

What kind of investment does the improvement of vacuum generation plant operating economy require?
We at Vuototecnica are always at your disposal for an evaluation aiming at effective energy saving.
The proposal of centralising vacuum is always backed by a detailed technical analysis certifying the actual costs and benefits, as well as the return on investment.
The customer generally amortises the invested capital over an operation period of 6 months/1 year.

The age of low energy vacuum generators for the automotive sector

The Automotive sector increasingly requires equipment with excellent performances and limited weight and bulk. In order to meet these requirements, Vuototecnica, in close collaboration with the engineering departments of the major automobile companies, has created the new Automotive Vacuum Generators (AVG).
They are equipped with single ejectors that, given the same capacity of generators with multiple ejectors, allow generating vacuum more rapidly with an instant grip by the vacuum cups (Maxigrip Cups) as a result.
The standard equipment also includes a device that guarantees 40% energy saving in terms of air consumption, compared to traditional vacuum generators.
All this thanks to the built-in standard pneumatic vacuum switch, which interrupts the compressed air supply once the preset maximum vacuum value is reached and restores it only when the vacuum level returns below the minimum threshold.
vacuum generators AVG (Automotive Vacuum Generator)
AVG automotive.jpg All this not only allows maintaining the vacuum level within preset safety values, but also a considerable saving of compressed air.
The unique AVG design allows the equipment to operate in “Energy Saving” mode, as indicated above, even in total absence of electricity. This is an essential factor in the robotic lines of the automotive industry in case of sudden downtime or blackouts. The standard Venturi pipes installed on the robot grippers are constantly controlled by a normally open pneumatic valve for the entire time the electricity is absent to prevent the loss of the metal sheets or the windows of the automobile in the assembly line. An energy consumption that is unacceptable for lines equipped with hundreds of Venturi pipes can be easily solved using Automotive Vacuum Generators.
Once the work cycle is completed, the power supply micro solenoid valve is deactivated by means of an electrical pulse while, at the same time, the ejection solenoid valve is activated for quick restoration of the atmospheric pressure inside the vacuum cups. AVG vacuum generators are set for the installation of a digital micro-switch.

Shipyards with the wind in their sails

Vuototecnica has specially designed the new DR 100 M 01/02 system for vacuum resin infusion moulding for the nautical sector.
Shipyards usually operate with ordinary vacuum pumps that suck onto the moulds without the interposition neither of a volume nor of a vacuum reducer to adjust and maintain the depression inside the suction circuit constant. The result is a variety of permanently operating pumps with the risk of overheating and the need for constant maintenance. To solve these problems, Vuototecnica has developed this mobile system, which guarantees the best finishing in operations such as infusion or vacuum bagging, thereby ensuring maximum flexibility as required in shipyards.
suction valves for resin infusion mould
vacuum bagging The resin, which is contained in a special container, is vacuum-sucked by the Vuototecnica mobile system onto a mould until filling it.
Any excessive resin collected inside the sheet steel autoclave can be viewed through the transparent methacrylate cover, which can be manually removed for cleaning the inside of the autoclave once the process is completed.
The installed oil bath vacuum pumps (MV20A/MV40A) allow reaching a maximum vacuum level of 99.5% inside the autoclave therefore, the equipment can also be used as a degasifier. The standard vacuum reducer installed on the equipment allows adjusting the vacuum level between minimum 20% and maximum 99.9%.
The accurate adjustment of the vacuum level is extremely important in vacuum bagging applications, where the pre-impregnated carbon fibres are pressed in the mould by means of the depression generated inside the bag itself and of the atmospheric pressure that acts evenly on it.
To ensure simple handling in the shipyard, this new vacuum resin infusion system is equipped with a power control panel and is trailer-mounted with a handle onto a solid structure made of steel profiles.
Furthermore, Vuototecnica has developed and created a range of accessories specific for the resin and composite fibre sector, such as: vacuum bagging valves; suction valves for resin infusion moulds; vacuum regulators; vacuum valves and solenoid valves; specific suction filters; vacuum hoses and manifolds.

The Wood Industry: An alternative to electric rotary vane vacuum pumps

The solutions most often used are not always the most advantageous. Vuototecnica has always been involved in researching new, innovative solutions to improve industrial processes. In this context, the pneumatic vacuum suction pump represents a real evolution compared to traditional electric rotary vane pumps.

For an “on field” evaluation of the advantages of using this vacuum pump, we went to Essepi srl, a company that produces plywood and multi-layer components for the chair, furniture and home furnishing industries.

The company chose to install, on a 4-axis work station, the PA140 pneumatic vacuum suction pump created by Vuototecnica, to replace the classic oil bath rotary vane vacuum pump that is commonly used.

We asked ourselves: Why didn’t we discover this device earlier?!? We would have saved a few thousand euros and all the machine downtime resulting from maintenance and the repair of old pumps.
pa 140
We met with Michele Basin, Manager of Essepi’s Technical Office: "The yield of the new PA140 pump is absolutely amazing. With this simple and compact device, we are able to obtain the same vacuum level as a classic oil bath pump, eliminating all wear and maintenance problems once and for all.
wood industry Frankly, we wonder why the manufacturers of CNC machines do not provide the P140 suction pump instead of the usual very expensive vacuum pumps. Its initial vacuum starting power is greater and allows for the instant locking of pieces such as bodies, which have uneven surface curvatures".

Could the Vuototecnica vacuum suction pump also be an ideal solution for your other machines?

"Without a doubt we will gradually replace the old vacuum pumps with the PA140 on all of our machines. Ultimately, the device costs basically the same as a complete maintenance operation of the old pumps, and vane replacement".

Vacuum technology for producing solar panels

solar panels Italian government incentives for solar panel installation confirmed again for 2011. Compared to 2010, tax rebates have doubled from 5 to 10 years for those who choose a more eco-sustainable home. Ensuring not only environmental improvement but also low expenses, solar energy has undergone remarkable development in recent years and solar panel production is destined for even further growth.
Have you ever thought about how each delicate solar cell is handled during the solar panel production process, where speed is very fast with relatively short cycle times? Vuototecnica has found the solution with BEC suction cups which make use of the Bernoulli theorem. BEC suction cups have been specially designed to handle fragile objects such as solar cells, silicone discs, precious metal sheets and other objects that need to be handled with the utmost delicacy without any contact. Have a look here to discover all the characteristics of these suction cups and of other Vuototecnica patented vacuum gripping systems.

New solenoid valves for vacuums, for even faster responses

A new, fully innovative series of solenoid valves for vacuums to guarantee exceptionally low response times have been created from Vuototecnica research and experience.
They are three-way vacuum solenoid valves, pilot-operated for capacities exceeding even 200 mc/h: They are used for vacuum interception on power supply units and suction palletizers, vacuum thermoformers, vacuum packaging units, robots, feeders, bag opening units and in all those cases where rapid exchange between pump suction for vacuums and air supply into the circuit is necessary for quick restoration of atmospheric pressure.

Solenoid valve technical features Art. 07 08 13

• Connections: Ø 2″gas
• Capacity: Nmc/h 300
• Working pressure: from 0.5 to 1000 absolute mbar
• Actuator pressure: from 4 to 8 bar
• Suctioned fluid temperature: from – 5 to + 60°C

At the link you can find out further information about the technical features of three-way, pilot-operated, large capacity solenoid valves.
07-08-13 solenoid valve

Vacuum: advanced technology and guaranteed energy savings

quaderni aria compressa Vuototecnica shows its attention to energy saving and the great vocation of technological innovation with its production of a wide range of vacuum components.

The monthly magazine “I quaderni dell’Aria Compressa” will go in-depth into Vuototecnica product guarantees, devoting two pages of its March 2011 issue to two Vuototecnica vacuum solutions.

“I quaderni dell’Aria Compressa” is an Italian magazine, published by “EMME.CI. Comunicazioni e Servizi S.a.s.”. Since 1995, it has dealt with products, techniques, applications and much more related to compressed air.
The article dedicated to Vuototecnica takes a look at the three-way vacuum solenoid valves, pilot-operated for large capacities and the AVG vacuum generators: two solutions that are proof of Vuototecnica performance efficiency and the company’s constant attention to energy savings.
Download the “I quaderni dell’Aria Compressa” magazine.

Suction cups for lifting objects of all type, shape and surface

For handling of cardboard boxes, wood panels, marble and granite slabs, glass panes as well as plastic bags, abrasive springs and more: the suction cups, available from Vuototecnica in various conformations, are able to meet the most varied needs.

To meet every possible need, Vuototecnica makes a wide range of suction cups available, each with particular characteristics which set it apart from the others. A few of these are listed below:

lifting objects of all type • Cupped suction cup: the most common, used for moving very light objects even with rough or irregular surfaces such as plastic boxes, thin metal or glass slabs or wood panels.
• Bellows suction cup: recommended in all cases where it is necessary to move sheets of paper or cardboard, thin sheets of metal, etc. Thanks to their great flexibility they are also used to pick up sloped surfaces or to compensate planarity errors.
• Flat suction cups, round and rectangular: for vertical or horizontal movement of large loads such as marble or granite slabs.
• Suction cups in foam rubber: for picking up course or very rough surfaces such as rough cement, cut marble, anti-skid sheet metal, etc.
• MaxiGrip Suction cups: recommended in the Automotive sector for handling of oily sheet metal or body parts.
• Circular crown suction cups: capable of picking up loads with a central hole such as CDs, bored discs, gears or similar objects.
• Elliptical plane suction cups: used to move plastic objects, boxes, with limited surface area.
• Particular suction cups: various conformations, can resolve all of the countless problems of pick up and handling. Suitable for picking up CD’s, handling of envelopes, labels, biscuits and chocolates, figurines, tiles, nots and bolts, etc.
• Discover other details about the Vuototecnica suction cups.

More and more precision vacuum and pressure gauges

manometers One end of the spring, in a special copper alloy, is welded to the threaded pin of the vacuum gauge – pressure gauge, forming a single body, while the other end, closed, is left free so that it moves, and therefore measures the vacuum level, based on the pressure or depression which passes through the spring’s body, deforming it.
Vacuum measurement is substantially based on the principle of operation of a spring, discovered in the 1800′s by French engineer and watchmaker Eugène Bourdon.
From this basic principle entire ranges of more and more innovative vacuum metres have been developed, enclosed in strong metal cases even with dual scale faces and indexes, available on the market in the most varied versions: vacuum metres with radial or coaxial connections, with flush flanges or for external use, dry or in glycerine baths.
The selection of vacuum measurement, control and regulation instruments is truly vast, both analogue and digital, useful to provide a very precise digital signal at the maximum set measurement value.
To find the vacuum gauge which is most suited for your activities, see the Vuototecnica team of experts, who can recommend the most customised solution for you from among the wide range of Vuototecnica vacuum and pressure gauges.
At Vuototecnica you can find all of the pressure and vacuum gauges useful for your operational needs, all built in absolute observance of safety standards and with the currently used units of measurement in the European Community.

Increase productivity with vacuum technology

Do you want to increase your company’s profitability and competitiveness? Thanks to the most innovative vacuum technology, Vuototecnica has been developing standard, specific and customised solutions for more than 35 years, to help its clients increase company productivity in automation processes and improve their work environment.
Errors made during handling, moving or lifting can result in breakage, waste, production loss and non-recoverable costs.
Vuototecnica offers you the ideal solution for moving any type of product using a safe technology that is guaranteed and tested by expect technicians.
The satisfaction of our clients is a guarantee of success. Contact either Vuototecnica directly or one of our distributors to find the solution best suited to your needs.
Vuotecnica increase productivity