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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 10

Unstacking wood panels in a simple and clean way

In this video, you can see a wooden boards unstacker in action; it is equipped with Vuototecnica products. This system differs from those normally used, because the vacuum is decentralized. Vuototecnica pneumatic vacuum generators with integrated ejector, series 150210, allow greater ease of vacuum management and are the ideal product in this field of application. In fact, the presence of shavings and dust could create system problems, working with wood. But this does not happen! These vacuum generators are in fact provided with an integrated counter-blow with considerably faster grip and release rates and no possibility of clogging.
pneumatic vacuum generators with integrated ejector 15 02 10 No more pumps which are far from the gripping hand, no more bulky pipes and cables, which showed a continuous risk of breaking tubes, in the busy daily operations, working in the plant.

In addition, Vuototecnica ejectors allow the independence of each suction cup; thus avoided problems eventually arising from loss of grip of other suction cups.

As you can see in the video, this independence has another advantage. The individual rows of suction cups act autonomously and this creates a shaking action that is ideal for browsing the wood panels. In this way, we can raise two or more panels at one time, and the operations proceed in a fast and secure way.

Vuototecnica suction cups, code 08 360 10: great strength for heavy loads in shipbuilding

The handling of large metal sheets and heavy loads is a slow and difficult process, in several stages, in shipbuilding. It involves the use of clamps, slings, hooks and other tools.

The probability that the load falls is high, with dangerous repercussions on the building site in terms of safety and cost. The procedure for hooking and slinging is not simple.

The building material (sheets, profiles and pipes) comes, generally, on the construction site from trucks for heavy loads. The first movement is performed, with the unloading and the storage of the pieces.

During the movement, metal sheets are positioned horizontally within big warehouses. Then they have to be moved again, also vertically, during the assembly of the hull and superstructures. A lengthy and elaborate process.
cantiere navale
suction cups 08 360 10 This no longer happens, since Vuototecnica designed its round flat suction cups, code 08 360 10, specially designed for handling heavy loads vertically and horizontally, with a lifting force of 254.3 kg (calculated with a safety factor that is equal to 3).

These suction cups have a labyrinth-graved tabletop, to facilitate and ensure the grip. They are available in three different standard compounds, fitting to materials and they are already equipped with four sprung cup holders, for they can be assembled on the automatism safely.

They are vulcanized on a steel support, on which four pins are cemented - they are in steel, too - with four self-locking nuts. The vacuum connection is ensured by a ½" gas threaded sleeve, which ensures the proper suction flow.

Vuototecnica two- and three-way vacuum solenoid valves: maximum suction flow, high cycle rates, the best sealing and small dimensions

Making the most of vacuum sources flow rate is necessary but that almost never happens. In fact, we find generally solenoid valves converted for compressed air, for the management of vacuum opening and closing, with the result that the intake passages are undersized and unsuited for the task.

Vuototecnica two- and three-way vacuum solenoid valves, instead, have an inner section that allows increased passages, calculated specifically for the vacuum management.

These solenoid valves are designed to manage the vacuum, with 2/2 and 3/2 configuration, with 1/4"-3/8" and 1/2" gas intake sections, and they are available in normally closed configuration.
3-way vacuum solenoid valves
2-way vacuum solenoid valves To allow the opening you have to energize them. Vacuum distribution bodies are obtained from solid aluminum, to ensure the seal without equal, even in presence of residual pressure with values that are lower than the 0.5 mbar.

The biggest advantage is that they allow a very high number of cycles per minute, because the electric coil acts directly on the core of the solenoid valve internal structure.

The solenoid valve shutter can be in NBR or in Vulkollan® and it is an integral part of the actuator movable core.

The two-way solenoid valves have both orifices of the same size, while the three-way solenoid valve all have the discharge orifice with a diameter of 3 mm, for it is obtained through the the steerer.
They all have very compact dimensions, a plus in all applications where it is necessary to limit the overall dimensions of the handling heads, or in the case of vacuum circuit installed in confined spaces.

New bellow suction cups for the firm grip of bags and flow packs

Vuototecnica conceived 08 30 45 S bellow suction cups for the handling of plastic films and flow packs. Watch their efficiency in this video; they have an excellent seal even on the rear junction flap of pasta packs.

They ensure the handling of packs of different shape, size and weight, without damaging the content.
The suction cup holder, in anodized aluminum, - 1/4" gas either male or female threaded, for fixing on the automatism - ensure the proper suction flow to the suction cup.
08 30 45 S suction cups adapt themselves, thanks to their grip lip which is thin and soft, and thanks to the film surface ripples during the intake. A revolutionary solution in studying gripping hands for this type of products and packaging.

PA/PS Suction and blowing pumps in action on a folding machine

In this video, you can see Vuototecnica combined PA/PS suction and blowing pump, installed on a folding machine. As you can see, it replaces very well the side-channels impeller installed as standard by the manufacturer on the machine, without any problems.

Compared to this new technology of pneumatic pumps for graphic/paper industry, even the electric rotary vane suction and pressing pumps are no longer competitive in performance and reliability and they are no longer an alternative from the economic point of view.
PA/PS Vuototecnica pumps, instead, do not produce heat or static electricity and they have many other benefits:
  1. 1. They allow you to save up to 40% of compressed air with a benefit of - 80% noisiness (60-65dB)

  2. 2. They allow a beneficial ratio between the amount of consumed air and the sucked (or blown) air

  3. 3. You can order them in different sizes and weight; also in very small sizes, in order to install them directly on the machine

  4. 4. You do not need think too much about maintenance, a periodic cleaning of the filters is enough
PA/PS Suction and blowing pump
The user who mounted the pumps in the video is a happy customer, especially given the absence of noise and heat, and he is feeding pumps with only 2-bar pressure. In fact, you can adjust the degree of vacuum (or pressure) and the flow rate in function of the supply air pressure, and, if you want, you can manage the pumps with proportional valves for compressed air, limiting the consumption to minimum, according to paper characteristics.

Vuototecnica Octopus becomes compact and lightweight

When there is a need for very fast cycles for small objects manipulation with Flex Picker robots, you need clamps and vacuum gripping hands capable of adapting to required formats.

In this video, you can see Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping plate in SO DO 10X special version. t is round shaped and small size (100 mm diameter) but, as you can see, it guarantees the same advantages of other Octopus solutions.

Its gripping plate adapts perfectly to the gloves size and shape and the most interesting thing
is that there is no need to reposition the suction cups even when the surface to be taken occupy only 5% of the gripping plate.
Octopus vacuum gripping systems can operate vertically, horizontally, inclined and even upside down with respect to the gripping plane and they are made in resistant and low maintenance materials, such as anodized aluminum.

A multistage low consumption of air ejector is installed on the machine for the rapid generation of vacuum by means of a simple valve for compressed air handled by the customer. Vuototecnica produces tailored heads for individual pieces; there are also plastic material (Pom) versions in order to limit the weight. Extreme personalization, according to the needs of the customer.

PVP pneumatic vacuum generators with multiple ejectors: the vacuum source ideal for palletizing and de-palletizing

In this video you can see in action the PVP 25 MX multistage pneumatic vacuum generator and the 088510N paranatural rubber suction cups: a perfect match for gripping and palletizing boxes and drums of paint.

These generators are suitable for a lot of palletizing and de-palletizing applications, not only with the items you can see in the video; and suction cups are customized according to application fields. Many manufacturers require Vuototecnica multistage generators aboard their cartesian or anthropomorphic robots because they have unrivaled characteristics.

PVP 75-50 MDX Beginning with their ease of assembly and their management on grippers. These generators are available with suction flow rates that can exceed 700 mc/h so you can also replace side channels aspirators that usually manufacturers install with large suction pipes on the gripper, binding its movements and operational flexibility.

The customer can also manage compressed air consumption at achieving a vacuum degree suitable for suction cups operation.
Think of all those applications for palletizing and de-palletizing of objects and products which have a good seal (sheets, glass plates, plastic parts etc).
The energy saving can be guaranteed by the ES01/02 kit (Energy Saving), consisting of a pneumatic vacuum switch, a pneumatic pilot operated valve and a check membrane valve for vacuum.

ES01/02 kit, assembled on the vacuum generators of the series PVP__MDX, manages the opening and closing of the pneumatic supply of the generator.

The pneumatic vacuum switch, properly set by the user on a vacuum value, actuates the slide supply pneumatic valve pneumatic of the Venturi.
Energy Saving
When reaching the set vacuum degree and when pneumatic supply of the Venturi stops, the check valve membrane, mounted on the suction inlet of the generator, keeps in vacuum the application (for example, the suction cups). The power supply of the Venturi starts only in case of a loss of vacuum degree detected by the pneumatic vacuum switch. The end result is a compressed air consumption which is directly proportional to the actual time for emptying suction cups that pick up the details of good seal.

Vuototecnica is going on in its mission for innovation and you are going to find a new range of multi-stage ejectors soon: PVP__LP (Low Pressure). They have identical sizes and dimensions from the corresponding PVP series but they operate at a pressure of only 3 bar (compared with actual 6 bar) for a maximum performance in terms of flow rate and vacuum degree. This is obviously a turning point from the energy point of view and as regards their use because these ejectors may also be used in situations where the user is not able to ensure 6 bar pressure on the production line.

Taking biscuits with Vuototecnica Bernoulli suction cups: cleaning and assuring the gripping

Christmas is coming and the sweetest symbol of this celebration, as well as Pandoro and Panettone, are biscuits, with a thousand shapes and consistencies. They are on everyone table; sweet manufacturers are working at full capacity for this to happen.

Even Vuototecnica is part of the production process of these delights. In this video, you can see in action Bernoulli (BEC) suction cups on famous butter biscuits located in round aluminum boxes, so beloved during tea time.

As you can see, biscuits have irregular shapes, some of them have little holes that would be an obstacle, in other conditions.
Not with Bernoulli suction cups.
Suited to take every baked product, they generate a flow of lamellar air that arises between them and the biscuit.

There is no contact in the grip and in this way you can also avoid the aspiration of crumbs, sugar, and various garnishes, while in traditional systems with rubber suction cups, you are obliged to clean the vacuum circuit every week because of the aspiration of dust and leftovers.

The interesting thing is that BEC suction cups, despite they do not involve direct contact with the product to handle, are equipped with stabilizers pins so that the biscuit does not rotate. The stabilizers are made of silicone rubber for food, totally suitable to correctly position picked up products.
Vuototecnica Bernoulli suction cups operate from a supply minimum pressure of 1 bar.
BEC suction cups

Graphic division: Vuototecnica for the efficiency in printing and graphic industries

The Vuototecnica Graphic division is entirely designed to meet printing and graphic industry’s needs. More than just offer its customers products, Vuototecnica as usual supports customers from engineering to customer service. The printing industry requires - in addition to excellent performance - speed, instruments reliability to avoid costly stops, longer component life and affordability.

The Graphic division range was developed to meet these requirements and consists of different size and capacity PA suction and PS blowing pumps, PA and PS pumps combined together, every shape and material suction cups, filters, spare parts and holders for every application. Within this product range we mention:
AS suction and blower system
AS suction and blower system designed for the management of paper during the printing process. It is a cabinet and it is compact and simple to use.

It contains suction and blowing pumps combined together inside, compressed air control and shutting off valves and all the controls. Blowing and suction connections for use and microporous cartridge filters are placed on the sides of this metal cabinet. They are capable of retaining even the finest dust which is usually found in printing environment.

On the control panel, there are: the general pneumatic switch for intercepting supply compressed air, together with a pressure gauge for line pressure direct readout; pneumatic switches for intercepting the supply compressed air of each pump; pressure reducers with pressure gauges on, to adjust the compressed air of each pump; precision vacuum gauges and pressure gauges to read out directly the vacuum and pressure degrees; vacuum gauges that allow you to control the degree of blowing pumps filter clogging.
The pumps can be controlled individually, and this allows high quality and a strong increase in productivity. The pneumatic pumps are based on the Venturi principle, this prevents downtime. Depending on the supply air pressure, it is possible to adjust the vacuum degree (or the pressure degree) and the pumps flow rate.

The three visible benefits of this system are: high compressed air energy saving, a maintenance reduced to periodic filter cleaning, a healthier and less noisy work environment (no emission of oil or condense), no impurities on paper sheets to be separated.
Vacuum cylinders are very suitable for the separation of paper or plastic sheets in combination with suction cups. They work in depression on short and fast cycles. They have a hollow rod on which you can assemble the suction cup and they are made of anodized aluminum for extra durability. The operation is simple: we create the vacuum in the anterior chamber of the cylinder, so the rod, integral with the piston, comes out and wins the opposing force of the spring. The piston is pushed by the air at atmospheric pressure which enters the rear chamber of the cylinder, through the hollow rod.

The greater the pressure differential between the anterior chamber of the vacuum cylinder and the rear chamber at atmospheric pressure, the greater the thrust force of the piston. The rod part when you disallow the entrance of atmospheric air through the hole of the rod and with the vacuum inserted you delete the pressure differential in the cylinder because the forces of the opposing spring prevail and the rod returns to its initial position, in this way.
Vacuum cylinders
Disc cups Even in the event that the vacuum is excluded, and you restore the atmospheric pressure in both chambers of the vacuum cylinder, the pressure differential is reset and the rod returns to its initial position. These cylinders are very fast, able to compensate for the height automatically. The rod is non-rotating and it is very simple to mount them.

The disc cups guarantee a quick and safe grip and are produced depending on the specific needs of the customer, based on the material to be manipulated (paper, cardboard, plastic). They can be die-cut from sheets, printed in oil resistant or nitrile rubber, in natural para rubber, or abrasion resistant rubber, in silicon, Viton, or other special compounds; they can be made in rubber or polyurethane panels and in any material is required by the end user.

Renew your production line with Vuototecnica

Vuototecnica provides for the creation of ad hoc solutions for gripping and handling each type of object, but it deals not only with new productions lines, it is able to help also in improving old automation lines.

You have an example of an interesting improvement made with a croissants producer, that uses a renown German line, in this video.

Vuototecnica worked on the vacuum generation by directly applying on each robotic arm an ejector system, series 15 04 10.
Previously, a centralized vacuum plant was mounted on the line, with a side channels aspirator and solenoid valves for opening and closing on each arm. The user found a greater operating speed and a big advantage due to the fact that every single manipulator arm has its own vacuum source and its independence now. The 15 04 10 ensures vacuum and blow to the gripping suction cup quickly and continuity is ensured even when one or more automation systems does not hold the piece (this did not happen with the old centralized systems).

In addition to 15 04 10, Vuototecnica designed a whole series of ejectors with integrated extruder. For example, there is a similar model (15 02 10) which is smaller in size, but equally efficient. The ideal product for picking robot needing lightness and miniaturized components is the FVG-3/5.