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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 12

How to grip last generation Flow pack packaging faster and firm

In this video, you can see in action Vuototecnica FVG vacuum generator (Fast Vacuum Generator) and new silicone suction cups 08 20 30 S specially designed for the taking of flow pack products.

Please note the speed of gripping and release of the snack packages from a conveyor belt to another.

The single-stage vacuum generator with ejector FVG (Fast Vacuum Generator) provides flexibility and reliability, at incredible speeds. As you notice, FVG can sustain high grip and release frequencies (<30 msec).
new bellow suction cups
It is very light and you can also install it on the gripping hands; it is usually realized in anodized aluminum. May have a system, which can be excluded in some cases by the customer, for the generation of a counter blow in the suction cup when releasing.

The bellow suction cups 08 20 30 S complete the task flawlessly. They are able to compensate for the height and at the same time ensure stability. The lip tightness is very strong on flexible flow pack like those you see in the video, too, so the packaging is no longer a problem.

The lip was indeed designed specifically, with some suction canalizations, so that it adapts perfectly to the object to be taken.

Creating pallets of eggs has never been so simple

We suggest watching this video, you can see PVP 12 MX multi-stage vacuum generator and reinforced bellows suction pads – series 08 22 19S.

Vuototecnica components were used to simplify the palletization of eggs, stacking the packs of blisters on pallets and the plastic separators, with maximum efficiency.

The vacuum generator, as you can see, was mounted directly on the gripping hand, thanks to its lightness and its small dimensions.
PVP 12 MX multi-stage vacuum generator
The body and the cover plate are made of anodized aluminum, the ejectors and the retaining screws are in stainless steel.

The sealing gasket is made of EPDM. All quality materials, which also guarantee a long life and easy maintenance.

The generator has 4 vacuum connections (one for connection to any control or measurement tools), a vacuum gauge, a quick coupling for compressed air supply and metal end-caps.

It is possible to make the working environment quieter with the installation of SSX silencers, able to further reduce the noise level, in itself limited.

The bellow suction cups, in contact with the irregular surface of the separator to be taken, shrink back, lifting the load of a few centimeters, so that the underlying separator does not remain stuck to the one raised, leafing through the layers without problems.

They also compensate for the surface irregularities, ensuring a firm grip and a precise and delicate release.

Read more about the individual components, you can display product data sheets.
reinforced bellows suction pads

Feeding and delivery on a latest generation digital printer

For printing and graphic industry, Vuototecnica developed many solutions that made employees’ life much easier and operations more effective and faster.

In the video below you can see in action Vuototecnica bellows suction cups in the socket and the release of large printing sheets within a digital printer based on UV-LED technology.

The suction cups as you can see have no trouble browsing, separating the sheets: by virtue of their shape can indeed shrink, without friction between clean sheets and printed ones and providing greater stability.
PVP 3 single stage vacuum generator
They also do not leave any mark on the surface; neither fingerprints nor signs. The sheet remains untouched and perfect.

The suction cups are powered by a PVP 3 single stage vacuum generator, of very reduced dimensions in relation to its performance and made of durable materials.

The generator is easy to maintain and it works using the Venturi principle, with compressed air only. The pick and place of the suction cups is automatical and without thought for the operator.

To see the whole range of solutions for the graphics and printing, you can download the relative brochure!

AVG vacuum generator on a stacker for wooden panels

A furniture manufacturer decided to use an AVG 18 for the vacuum generation and control on a stacker with suction cups for wood panels.

Robots integrator’s innovative choice was to replace a dry rotary vane pump (still used by many companies producing furniture). This pump took up a lot time and money for the maintenance of graphite vanes and control of suction filters, which easily clogged in this operating situation.

Wood dust tends to create problems to vacuum pumps that, very often, become noisy, overheat and are easily subjected to seizure.
It was not easy even to assembly the rotary vane pump at the base of the robot, because the vacuum must be subsequently distributed with large pipe sections on the gripper to the suction cups.

The manufacturer found with AVG 18 ejector, all the major functions of a traditional vacuum circuit (generation, maintenance and vacuum control), and also assured, to the end user, a sustainable working environment, thanks to the free-flow exhaust silencers of the SSX series mounted on the ejector as standard accessories.

In addition, the installation on board on the gripping hand – as you can see in this video – was straightforward and allowed to eliminate the large pipes inside the wireway, replacing them with a small tube for compressed air power supply to AVG ejector.
The wood dust sucked through the suction cups is no longer a problem because AVG operates, via an integrated control solenoid valve, a compressed air blow-off, which allows you to keep clean the suction pipes and cups.
AVG A further important advantage of AVG is the possibility to save 40% of compressed air. There is in fact an integrated adjustable pneumatic vacuum switch suspending the air supply when the generator reaches the maximum vacuum value predetermined by the customer and restoring it only when the degree of vacuum comes below the minimum.
Even without electrical power, for example during blackouts, AVG continues to save energy, when instead all the other vacuum ejectors available on the market, in case of a power failure, are continuously fed with compressed air through a normally opened solenoid valve: air continuously consuming (when the suction cups are gripping the object, too).
Effective pneumatic energy saving, thanks to which you can consume compressed air just for the vacuum generation time in suction cups.

Vuototecnica PVP7SX: super-fast and strong ally in plastics micro molding

Today, we tell you about how one of our customers, manufacturer of molding machines for plastics, exploited the great speed and the extent of depletion of our single stage ejector PVP7SX.

PVP7SX, you can see in action in the video below, is designed, for this application, for the discharge of micro plastic parts from the manufacturing mold.

As you can see, PVP7SX sucks through some glasses that function as syphons for retaining the micro plastic parts which come from prints obtained in the mold.

PVP7SX was appreciated by customers for its total inspectionability and the quality of
the materials with which it is built, that will ensure a long life: anticorodal aluminum body and injectors in stainless steel. Also PVP7SX is already equipped as standard with a vacuum gauge to display the generation of vacuum and a free flow exhaust muffler (SSX series), which never creates problems of occlusion, even in case of dust coming from aspiration or dirty supply compressed air.

Flowpacks handling and energy saving

You can see new 01 30 45 S bellow suction cups in action in the video below.

A Vuototecnica customer – a well-known italian manufacturer of crackers – successfully used them.

The robot, equipped with these Vuototecnica suction cups, deals with pick and place of flowpacks.

The end user encountered an improvement in the operation with these new suction cups immediately, compared to those used previously.

01 30 45 S bellow suction cups
The gripping lip, in fact, is designed to be extremely flexible and fit also to the upside of plastic material packaging.

And this feature brought another benefit to the customer, in terms of energy saving.

The grip of these suction cups takes place, in fact, with a lower volumetric suction flow rate.

The support of this suction cup, in anodized aluminum, is threaded male or female, 1/4″ gas for fixing, and ensure the proper flow to the suction cup.

Octopus and the taking of wooden bars

You can see Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping system in this video; it is integrated on an anthropomorphic robot which deals with the management of wooden bars.

As you can see, the wooden bars are removed very easily from the robot, to be placed elsewhere and finally blocked by a strapping tape. In this application, the bars function as support or spacers for overlapping several crates.

The aim is to build solid wood structures for packaging, in a safe and firm way.
It seems so simple to see, that you never sospect there are many hours of work by Vuototecnica designers and staff behind this application, to produce a top product.

Octopus is simple for the end user but it is a highly sophisticated device. It works even when the object to be taken occupies only 5% of the vacuum table and it is built with quality materials.

Octopus bar you can see in this video is perfectly suited to the irregularity of the wood surface, thanks to the presence of foam rubber, which provides excellent gripping.
You can also note how little space the bar occupies, it hosts already the source of vacuum on board (a Vuototecnica pneumatic vacuum generator with multiples ejectors).

The compressed air passes through the links already built into the robot simplifying the distribution circuit and avoiding harmful and delicate external tubing that would otherwise limit the rotation and the movement of the robotic arm. There is also a vacuum switch on the bar for controlling the outlet in each step.

Update your vacuum systems, and your suction cups to save time and money

In this video, we present a clear example of how Vuototecnica solutions can solve taking problems; problems which are a result of poor management of vacuum sources or wrong plant and gripping system design.

You can see a gripping system, for metal kitchen skins, amended to include Vuototecnica maxigrip suction cups and M10 multistage ejectors.

Previously, the system used neoprene suction cups but they were subjected to strong deformation due to the continuous use and so they wore out faster.
Especially in taking sink grooved part, the matter was even more problematic, because these suction cups had to adapt to the irregular surface and therefore they wore faster. Vuototecnica modified the system by mounting the Maxigrip Benz cups, suitable for steel, even irregular, surfaces.

The lip of Maxigrip suction cups is extremely flexible and it allow them to better adapt to any surface – flat, concave or convex – with no risk of deforming or breaking the material, even when it is delicate and subtle.
M10 multistage ejectors
As we can see from the foreground, in this video, suction cups are in firm contact with the grooves of the metal sink, and thanks Benz compound, they are also ideal on oiled or wet surfaces, as well as having much longer wearing times.

These cups can be provided in round and elliptical shape, flat or bellows, and they can boast a wide range of accessories (reductions, adapters, couplings).

As regards the vacuum generation system, the previous one was replaced (it was made of single stage ejectors) with M10 pneumatic vacuum generators with multiple ejectors that guaranteed greater suction flow and a lower compressed air consumption.

Pick & place of chocolates at high speed: with Vuototecnica you can!

For robotic pick and place, Vuototecnica proposes several solutions.

One of these, particularly suitable in taking small objects, also in the food industry, involves the use of vacuum cylinders.

As you can see in this video, Vuototecnica cylinders allow the pick and place at very high frequency and are very efficient.

The stable grip allows to center in a perfect way preformed boxes of chocolates, even at high speed.
vacuum cylinders
The cylinders operate at depression and are equipped with a front vacuum chamber and a rear one at atmospheric pressure. The higher the pressure differential between the two chambers, the greater the thrust of the piston, where the non-rotating piston rod is connected, on which, in turn, the suction cup is mounted.

The object is retained until there is vacuum. Then the rod returns to its initial position to repeat the cycle. The rod, in its movement, compensates automatically heights that divide it from the objects to be taken.

The cylinders are made of anodized aluminum with technopolymer bushing that provides lubrication and a long component life.

Taking fabrics, felts or paddings. Bernoulli!

Bernoulli suction cups in action We propose today, from Vuototecnica catalogue, Bernoulli suction cups (BEC).

They are suitable for taking particularly delicate or friable products (bakery products, cardboard interlayers, thin sheets etc …) or for which, in general, the contact with the suction cups or grippers would be problematic as they are highly deformable, porous or irregular.

BEC are fed with compressed air and are also defined as suction cups without contact as there is always a flow of lamellar air between the taken object and the plane of the suction cup in aluminum. The suction cups use Bernoulli’s theorem, the same for which it is possible to interpret the effect of lift of the wings of an aircraft.
They can be, for example, the ideal solution in the textile industry for the taking of fabrics, felts or paddings to be handled with care to avoid wasting materials; as it happens instead when they are manipulated with needle grippers.

They are particularly effective in leafing several overlapping fabrics.
Bernoulli suction cups by Vuototecnica are equipped with pins- stabilizers to prevent rotation of the object and they are operative from a minimum pressure of 1 bar.

Bernoulli suction cups (BEC)