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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 2

Vacuum technology in constant evolution

The “vacuum” concept has interested the most brilliant minds since ancient times. Just think of Democritus in ancient Greece, who identified atoms and the vacuum as primary realities. Or studies conducted on the compressibility of air during the Hellenistic Age. The first to theorise about vacuum properties, in 1650, was the scientist and jurist Otto von Guericke, who laid the foundation for the development of modern technology now employed daily in many industries.
Throughout history, physical science developments and the momentum of technical research have driven the need to create equipment that produces and measures vacuums.
The most strategic and innovative applications of what is now referred to as vacuum technology, has fascinated Vuototecnica since the 1970s. Since then it has used vacuum technology to continuously improve its vacuum solutions, globally expanding its technological innovations and the services it offers.
To learn more about Vuototecnica‘s story and the future of vacuum technologies, contact us for a visit at our new headquarters.

Vacuum technology in packaging processes

Beverage, Cosmetics & Health Care and Chemical industries bring positive performances to the market, recording favourable trends for the Italian packaging industry.

According to a post economic crisis market monitoring conducted by the UCIMA research office, the Italian packaging machine manufacturers association, 2011 is a good year for the packaging and automatic packaging sectors.

Their growth in recent months has been assisted by systems and software that were fine-tuned in order to accelerate and simplify packaging processes.

Vuototecnica offers a wide range of vacuum cups and many other applications. When employed in the packaging industry, they ensure effective and innovative solutions.

Examples are the energy-saving AVG vacuum generators, suitable for interlocking vacuum grip systems, for handling sheet metal and glass, as well as plastics and cardboard, which are all necessary for product packaging.

To learn more about AVG generators, click here, or contact the Vuototecnica experts here in order to find the handling and control system that best suits your packaging process, with customised solutions.
vacuum packagingAVG Vuototecnica

How to choose the most appropriate vacuum pump

vacuum pump selection Choosing the most appropriate pump or vacuum generator is not easy.
Capacity calculation requires a careful analysis of the air contained in the various components, the vacuum cups, the collectors, the tubing, and the vacuum interception valve. It also requires analysing the air in the vacuum generator itself, and a careful evaluation of the product that will be moved, its shape and the gripping surface.
All this is done, moreover, by keeping a keen eye on the calculation of the gripping times required by the individual situations.
Vuototecnica, with its one-of-a-kind vacuum know-how, wanted to help its clients by providing a handbook that has each type of vacuum pump and the corresponding capacity, which depends on the material that needs to be moved and whether it is waterproof, like sheet metal and glass, or more porous, like wood or cardboard.
Vuototecnica has developed an indicator that makes decision making during the work process easier and faster. Above all, when choosing a pump or vacuum generator the company offers increased safety that is guaranteed by Vuototecnica’s experience in the industry.
Contact experts who will help you choose a vacuum pump more quickly and safely. Vuototecnica also gives you the opportunity to test the most appropriate solutions under the supervision of its technicians. Contact us!

Using vacuum technology for food conservation

Each type of food has its own distinct qualities. In order to preserve it the best way possible we need to get to know the foods and how various food groups can be matched together. Also, there are different cooking and heating methods that will affect the wholesomeness of food nutrients.
Some conservation methods can be applied by just about anyone; industrial production derives its preservation methods from the experience that has been accumulated throughout history, and it applies that experience to larger quantities. There are food conservation methods that have been passed down generation to generation and that can be re-evaluated now that we have new scientific and technological discoveries. One of the most utilized methods that guarantees correct and balanced food conservation is vacuum packing. Vuototecnica supplies its clients with the very best technology for correct food conservation.
vacuum sealed food

Vacuum seal test

To prevent unpleasant surprises when it comes to cellophane or PVC flow-pack food product packaging, test the welding seals using the ATP02 by Vuototecnica, a leader in vacuum technology.
Nothing gets past this easy to use and totally pneumatic testing device, especially the air that escapes packages with a defective closure and weld seal.
Vacuum generation, using a multi-stage pneumatic ejector inside the transparent container, allows for identifying the exact point of even the smallest air leak from the package immersed in water.
The defective weld is evidenced by the small bubbles leaking out from the welding.
The test values are adjustable and can be automatically repeated.
Upon request, Vuototecnica manufactures special versions to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Pneumatic suction and blowing pumps for graphic companies that aspire to be the best

pneumatic suction and blowing pump The pneumatic suction and blowing pumps (PA/PS) are the pride of the Graphic Division, a division created from the experience of Vuototecnica, entirely dedicated to the graphic design and printing sector and a leader from engineering to service, able to offer innovative and advantageous technological solutions from all standpoints: performance, reliability, durability and operational economy.

They represent the absolute best of the new generation of multiple-ejector pneumatic pumps (multi-stage); they are able to suction or blow as needed and represent a real evolution compared to conventional electric, suction/discharge, and rotary vane pumps.

Thanks to the new generation of ejectors, the PA / PS pumps have an excellent ratio between and the quantity of air consumed and of that suctioned (or blown) and all this while benefiting operational consumption. However, the list of advantages of these products is still long:
• They ensure the ability to adjust the vacuum level (or pressure level) and the capacity, based simply on the air supply pressure. Depending on the air supply pressure, the pumps can be controlled with proportional valves for compressed air, limiting consumption to the minimum necessary, depending on the weight and porosity of the paper and cardboard in the printing machine.
• They are surprisingly quiet (60-65dB)
• The total absence of heat benefits the work environment.
• They only blow fresh air, free of impurities, condensate and oil vapours, between the pages to be separated.
• Reduced electrostatic charges generated by the hot air blown by conventional electric pumps.
• The use of selected, hi-tech, latest generation materials has made ​​it possible to reduce the weight of these technological jewels and to install them directly on the machine.
• Minimal maintenance required; just a simple cleaning of the suction and blowing filters.
Here are some of the main types of printing machines in which PA / PS pneumatic pumps are used:

• Sheet feeders: To lift the sheets using vacuum suction cups and separate them with a puff of air.
• Sheet stoppers: System for stopping the sheets printed in the output area and to stack them quickly, using suction bars.
• Benders: For bending paper during operations that require both suction and blowing.
• Binders and gluers: For binding books or brochures via independent work stations equipped with suction and blowing systems.

These are just some of the potential uses of PA / PS pumps in the paper industry, but Vuototecnica’s Graphic Division is ready to meet the needs of each individual printer who intends to increase their productivity and improve their work environment.
pneumatic suction and blowing pump

Vacuum cups: “made-to-order” allies for graphics companies

rotary graphicvacuum disk cups Vuototecnica supplies only the very best vacuum technology, ever striving for excellence, but there’s more. The company also aims to give customers a personalized, made-to-measure and versatile product, in order to satisfy any and all requirements.
With this top-quality, customised, and versatile mentality, one of Vuototecnica’s finest departments, the Graphic Division, has made available made-to-measure vacuum disk cups.
These go beyond made-to-order disks with standard sizes and characteristics. They can be designed and produced with the client and for the client. Adjusted, designed and produced with specific buyer requirements (a minimum order will be set at the quotation stage), the vacuum cups can be perforated from sheets or moulded in nitrile rubber, natural Para rubber, in silicone, or special blends, as well as in rubberised or polyurethane fabric.
It’s personalised excellence: just like an haute couture creation, these vacuum disks are the ideal solution for the graphics industry. They present a quality alternative to traditional suction cups that handle sheets of paper, cardboard, and plastic.

With Vuototecnica at Christmas there are no unpleasant surprises

chocolatsmini cup holder with magnetic sensor With Christmas just around the corner, the confectionery industry is working at full capacity to manufacture all kinds of goodies: chocolates, snacks and candy. For proper packaging, keeping in mind the correct product quantity, Vuototecnica has designed and created a mini cup holder with magnetic sensor that allows the suction cups to handle pieces while simultaneously counting them, thus preventing the unpleasant surprise of a partially empty box of chocolates.

This innovative cup holder has been created to satisfy the needs of a large Italian multinational confectionery company and is therefore able to support a cyclic, continuous and laborious grip and release process.

The magnetic sensor is a very important part of the device. It gives an electric impulse to the handling machine each time suction is carried out properly. Instead, a signal is given to the PLC when pieces are not taken properly. In this case, a second packaging phase will take care of correcting the error.
The mini cup holders with magnetic sensor by Vuototecnica are suitable for suction cups up to a diameter of 20-25 mm, especially designed for these small products, whether they are bellows or traditional cups.

The suction cups for food use are normally in silicone and are produced in compliance with the standards regulating contact with food like the FDA, BGA and TSCA.

With Vuototecnica, customisation is always possible, depending on customer needs and application specifications. Many of Vuototecnica products have, in fact, been born from particular manufacturer requirements, like in the case with these special mini cup holders.

Maintain the vacuum level constant with Vuototecnica reducers

vacuum reducers
In hospitals, construction sites, industries, laboratories and any place where a constant and adjustable vacuum level must be maintained a vacuum regulator is the ideal solution. Specific reducers exist depending on the required use, for low or high vacuum levels.
The vacuum reducer is a valuable tool as, for example, when installed in centralized systems in which each conductor can be adjusted to a value different from the vacuum level of the central plant.
Vuototecnica is the pioneer in Italy in manufacturing state-of-the-art vacuum reducers. For more than 30 years, the reducers have been the flagship product in the Vuototecnica catalogue and there are various types of them.

• Reducers with manual adjustment, via a knurled screw, whose operation is based on the difference between the atmospheric pressure and the vacuum required for the job;
• Manual reducers for low vacuum levels, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the minimum vacuum level in order to come as close as possible to the value of the atmospheric pressure;
• Vacuum reducers with pneumatic adjustment, that exploit pneumatic principles in defining the ratio between the compressed air supply and the vacuum level to be obtained. The reducers can be installed even in places far from the central control unit and they are operated via a pressure regulator on the control panel.

The vacuum is maintained constant by Vuototecnica reducers even when there are fluctuations in the pump or vacuum pumpset, the atmospheric air never enters the circuits, thereby preventing products from being warped by too much low pressure.

Radiographic films without halos and without fear

X-rays play a very important role in hospitals: they show the portion of the body being examined in clear detail. X-rays are very similar to the film used in photography, consisting of plastic coated material with a thin layer of silver nitrate able to expose X-rays.
These supports are highly electrostatically charged, so in the development of X-rays, users must be very careful handling them to avoid contaminants that could affect the validity of the examination.
For this application, Vuototecnica has created special mixture suction cups that do not leave any traces on the X-rays, for X-ray film developing machines. The mix of elliptical suction cups with vulcanised support by Vuototecnica does not carry electrostatic charges and is therefore ideal for this kind of work.
The original conformation of the suction cups allows users move and withdraw one X-ray at a time without leaving halos and without deforming the film. The aluminium supports are vulcanised on the suction cups and have a side groove that prevents rotation.
The elliptical suction cups with vulcanised support by Vuototecnica are useful in any situation which requires safe handling of X-rays, laminates, sheets, pages and other kinds of products for which the separation of many thin superimposed layers is necessary.
All this without ever forgetting the Vuototecnica keywords: quality, versatility and customisation.
X rayelliptical suction cups with vulcanised support