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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 6

Handling marble slabs: how to prevent sliding

Marble or stone slabs (whether produced in-house or externally) are generally stored in areas located near the start of the processing lines (in the workshop) and are later loaded onto trucks in order to be delivered to customers, thus requiring them to be moved from a vertical to a horizontal position, and vice versa.

The slabs are normally stored on inclined stands or racks with vertical poles.
Special articulated cup holders with compact stroke
Special articulated cup holders with compact stroke It goes without saying that these large slabs are quite difficult to handle. This is due to the fact that the gripping surface is positioned vertically and, since the slabs are typically stored outdoors, can even be compromised by atmospheric conditions, such as rain, dust or humidity.

Vuototecnica is able to resolve this problem for the marble and glass sectors thanks to its special articulated short-stroke vacuum cup holders. Thanks to these vacuum cup holders, the lever arm that’s created between the vacuum cup and the clamping sleeve for connecting it to the automatism is reduced to minimum during the slab’s rotation, while the anti-slip plastic surface inside the vacuum cup itself ensures the retention of the vertical gripping surface, even when wet.
These special vacuum cup holders also feature an extremely compact size, as the swivel joint’s lodging is encased in the vacuum cup holder itself, thus reducing the length of the steel shaft for the suspension. The brass sleeve was also modified during the design stage so as to allow it to be screwed directly on to the automatism.

These vacuum cup holders can be used with various types of vacuum cups: those with a sponge rubber lip, for example, are ideal for handling sawn and textured marble or any other material with an uneven surface.

Oil bath suction filters: impalpable powders are no longer a problem

In the ceramics industry, as well as in any context where large quantities of dust or powders are present, such as the field of bagging machinery, the vacuum cups employed can take in large quantities of dust less than one micron in size.

In cases like these, traditional suction filters would require the use of cartridges with high filtration ratings, thus reducing the vacuum pump’s suction capacity.

It is precisely for this purpose that developed our high-autonomy oil bath suction filters FO 160 and FO 300: for filtering out even the finest impalpable dusts without decreasing the pump’s performance.

These exclusive Vuototecnica filters ensure greater maintenance autonomy for the vacuum sources connected to them, and can even be used to eliminate the vapours and volatile substances that could otherwise easily contaminate the lubricating oil in lubricated vacuum pumps (MV or VTL series).
FO 160 oil filter
oil filter FO 160 and FO 300 These filters can be used with any type of oil, even used oil, provided that it still retains a minimum viscosity level. The internal filter elements can be easily removed and washed, and the entire operation can be carried out quickly thanks to the release clamps that hold the structure in place.

Their ease of use is also guaranteed by the presence of two visual indicators, which allow the operator to check the filter’s oil level and clog status.

Small and efficient: mini pump with Vuototecnica membrane

Reduced weight and size, essential features in a world which is becoming increasingly smaller and which wishes to fuse effectiveness and quality with flexibility and simple transportation.

Vuototecnica has managed to accomplish this winning combination with the membrane vacuum pump for the H35M and H40DM series, small, single or dual pumping head devices which can be used as both vacuum pumps and as mini compressors, and which feature the following characteristics:

• Maximum flow capacity: 21.5 L/1’
• Maximum operating pressure: 2 bar(g)
• Maximum degrees of vacuum: -940 mbar (H40DM mini pump, in series connection)
membrane vacuum mini pumps
The Vuototecnica mini pumps are formed of a single-phase air-cooled electric motor, with direct or alternating current, a central thermoplastic body resistant to corrosion, hose end fittings on suction and discharge connections, a Viton membrane resistant to wear and corrosion, an aluminium support for fastening and a connecting rod with long life bearing.

Their specific conformation and the paired down size enable them to be easily installed in any position, even to mobile appliances.
They do not require lubrication so no maintenance is needed. A very important factor – they are extremely silent, emitting below 50 db(A) and produce contained vibrations.

Octopus and safe handling of marble kitchen tops

When handling marble and granite kitchen tops it is important to proceed safely to avoid damaging the surfaces.

Any malfunctions would cause issues in terms of costs for the manufacturing companies and in terms of quality for buyers.

In the video, it is possible to see with your very own eyes, the effectiveness of the Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping system, presented in the SO1520XM5 version, mounted to the wrist of an anthropomorphic robot.
Equipped with great operational flexibility, Octopus enables the gripping of smooth or rough surfaces without having to replace and re-position the suction cups each time.

Thanks to Vuototecnica self-closing valves technology, built into the boxed suction, the Octopus system is able to offer grip even where only 5% of the vacuum surface of the product to be handled, is available; the operational pliancy offered is based upon the different shapes and sizes of the objects.

Vuototecnica offers different Octopus systems: standard, which you are able to find online alongside the product specifications, however, as depicted with the attached footage, the Company is able to develop and create custom (even one off pieces) Octopus heads based upon the operational requirements of end users. The Octopus systems are easily inspected and made using quality materials; already prepared for the installation of control tools or solenoid valves.

Professional Centering and Clamping, for glass panels which feature on digital command machines: the solution, Vuototecnica!

In the glasswork industry and in all contexts where panels made of this fragile material have to be clamped, as is the case in the CNC machining sector, there are many factors to bear in mind.
Vuototecnica, with its expansive experience working in collaboration with sector industries, designs and manufactures supports with hidden check pivot to enable rapid centering of the load to be clamped and the suction caps to the work surface. These anodized aluminium supports are equipped, as standard, with a quick coupling for vacuum connection, therefore, when the vacuum is activated, the plastic check pivot re-enters its housing and it remains there until it is released once again thanks to a stainless steel spring.
It is possible to see these devices in use in the video, where they are applied to some suction caps with ball valve and self-locking support. The suction caps in question are genuine clamping systems, ideal for vacuum handling of glass or smooth marble, as they are equipped with a special non-slip plastic coating which makes the tangential gripping of the glass, even more secure.

The features ensure a vacuum is only created where the load to be handled activates the ball grip shutter and they are made of a strong aluminium support with a large base surface area, with edge seal. The aforementioned enables safe fastening to the work surface. These suction caps are available in different shapes and may be modified based upon client requirements.

The importance of vacuum tests carried out in the food sector

The vacuum conservation of foods has revolutionised the way we conserve food, enabling us to keep fresh products unaltered for longer periods of time.

However, in order to be able to offer consumers quality products, it is essential to check the vacuum levels of the packaging.

Bearing in mind the requirements of food companies, Vuototecnica has designed a vacuum gauge with steel punch able to immediately identify the vacuum level within tin cans and other food containers.
The glycerine bath 09 05 99 vacuum gauge is equipped with a tempered steel punch which enables easy piercing of the containers, and a suction cap able to maintain the vacuum subsequent to piercing the package undergoing testing.
The result reading panel is an enclosed, strong metal box with glass in front and features a dual measurement scale.
The measurement device is based upon the Bourdon spring technology, providing maximum accuracy.
All Vuototecnica vacuum gauges are manufactured in compliance with all safety standards and as per EC regulated units of measurements.

Saving energy in vacuum generation: MVG with energy saving cable

In the video you can see two Vuototecnica MVG vacuum generators working on two suction cups with the task of holding some plastic half-shells.
Two energy saving cables are connected with MVG generators: they are perfect for reducing consumption.

When you reach the ideal degree of vacuum, the supply of compressed air is closed and it starts again in case of loss or when the vacuum level drops. Thus, the ejectors work with pneumatic pulses and this makes them particularly competitive as regards the efficiency combined with a considerable energy saving.
The degree of vacuum is maintained within the values set, saving compressed air.

MVG generators are autonomous vacuum units that are able to serve, in self-sustaining manner, a depression gripping system. They are very compact and have a very strong suction capacity considering their small size. They are ideal for industrial robotics sector where equipment with excellent performance but with much reduced weight and size are increasingly required.

MVG generators are connected to FCL in-line filters able to retain impurities and fine powders. Thanks to their shape they can be easily inspected and allow a greater visual control of all the points of suction of the machinery.

A firm grip of marble industry

The marble industry requires increasingly precise and safe gripping and handling systems.

In this video you can see the efficacy of the new PVR 25 MS ejector, specifically designed for this industry.

Vuototecnica recommends using this new ejector, which can be integrated directly with the suction cup, on block cutting machines and strips of marble in the presence of dust and water. In particular, to grip and handle marble and granite slabs.

Its shape allows dust and small processing residues to be suctioned without clogging. Everything is discharged in the atmosphere through the ejector.
PVR 25 MS is equipped with a standard SSX free flow silencer and can generate a flow rate of 9.6 m3/h. The vacuum level is equal to -700mbar (70%) with a 3 bar operating pressure.

Being integrated with the suction cup allows the reduction of negative volumes to be emptied; this way the suction cup can grip the slabs at a faster rate. Moreover, it is equipped with a standard 12 05 10 digital vacuum microswitch, a small device that sends a precise signal to the control panel in only 0.1 milliseconds as soon upon reaching the required vacuum level.

This is particularly useful when handling travertine slabs, which have an uneven and perforated surface. Thanks to the prompt signal that the 12 05 10 vacuum switch sends to the automation, it is easy to see which vacuum cups are in gripping mode and if there are enough of them to handle the load. This is a major difference with central vacuum systems (with rotating vane or liquid ring vacuum pump), where it is difficult, if not impossible to understand which and how many vacuum cups are in gripping mode, thereby making load handling less safe.

The particular shape of the internal resting surface of the round flat suction cup shown in the video allows for a high friction coefficient and a practically perfect seal. The 08 … 40 series of vacuum cups is equipped with double sealing lips, which makes it easier to grip particularly rough surfaces, such as that of sawn marble.

Code: 08 30 24S.
Mission: manipulate plastic films avoiding the occlusion during the suction

Vuototecnica proposes solutions to solve many problems of manipulation in the packaging field.

For gripping and opening plastic bags for packaging but also in all cases ofmanipulation of materials particularly thin and flexible, Vuototecnica has designed a special sucker:
the 08 30 24S.

The support of the suction cup can be made of nickel-plated brass or anodized aluminum and is provided with a central pin, threaded, male or female, to allow the suction and the fastening on the automated equipment.
But what makes 08 30 24S truly unique is the gripping lip: very thin, soft and flexible, which easily adapts to the ripples of plastic films. Furthermore, the suction cup is provided with an internal labyrinth of abutment which prevents the obstruction by the plastic film, of the central suction hole; to avoid the reduction of the force/diameter of the cup.

Slotter for cartons:
no more noise and maintenance with Vuototecnica PVP MDX series vacuum generators

In the video you can see a slotter machine for cartons in action.

Normally you should immediately see a big electric dry rotating vane pump, and, above all, you should hear its noise.

But you don’t hear nor see anything annoying, because Vuototecnica replaced this pump with a PVP MDX series vacuum generator.

This efficient vacuum generator branded Vuototecnica is extremely quiet and it doesn’t disturb the working environment.
As you can see, it is installed on a wall which is located right next to the machine operator, because it doesn’t give any trouble to the staff at work, not even in terms of heat output. According to cardboard types and their porosity, the operator can manage the capacity of suction flow and the degree of vacuum acting on the pressure regulator that feeds PVP MDX series generator.

The pneumatic ejector consumes no more energy or compressed air than a rotating vane pump, as many still believe instead. And the benefits are several. The maintenance of the generator that you see in action in this video is absolutely nothing compared to time and money you have to devote to rotating vane pumps, which often need to replace blades, gaskets and filters. The rotating vane pumps, in addition, emit a lot of heat and are always at risk of overheating the electric motor.

Regarding Vuotecnica generator, the maintenance is reduced to cleaning the paper cartridge of suction filter (FC series) with a simple gun for compressed air. The filter is assembled directly on the suction inlet of the vacuum generator. What do you want more?