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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 7

Perfect and fast pallets thanks to Octopus

In this video you can see a palletizer robot in action, which uses the innovative SO 40 60 X Octopus by Vuototecnica.

Octopus is a range of vacuum gripping systems, with a wide assortment of accessories and components, designed as a practical response to the need for palletizing and de-palletizing in various sectors of industry.

As you can see, it is ideal to stack and un-stack cartons, sacks and boxes, ensuring the grip of the carton interlayers and of wooden pallets, too.
Thanks to Octopus, Vuototecnica is able to ensure the grip, in maximum safety, without having to replace suction cups every time: it is great, in fact, even when the surface of the objects to manipulate occupies only 5% of the suction plate.

All Octopus systems are composed of a vacuum generator powered by compressed air; a box in anodized aluminum; a stainless steel mesh microfine filter on the intake, easily inspectable, to protect the generator; and, finally, the suction plate, able to adapt perfectly to any surface to be taken, whether it is smooth, rough or irregular.
Octopus provides a very wide choice of suction plates in different materials and shapes, according to use.

The customer can choose between spongy gums or suction cups and additional components, such as shut-off valves, to open the suction only when in contact with the product to be handled, or suction plates with calibrated and self-cleaning micro holes, suitable for dusty environments. Octopus vacuum gripping systems can operate vertically, horizontally, inclined and even upside down respect to objects gripping surface.

Vacuum in front line with GV 1-2-3 vacuum generators

Vuototecnica makes components grip and release perfect thanks to vacuum, every day, from every point of view, in all production stages and in all industries.

To facilitate the customers, it designed GV 1-2-3 single-stage vacuum generators in line.

These vacuum generators are based on Venturi principle. What distinguish them from classical vacuum generators are, first of all, the compact design and the lightness.
For these characteristics, they can be assembled directly on the supports of the suction cups or mounted in axis even on the cup holder, in place of the coupling. All with extreme simplicity. The connections for the supply air and for the vacuum are on the same axis, while the intake and exhaust air drain, in threaded brass, is orthogonal to them, as you can see from the video.

For a matter of cleaning and for grip and release at high frequency, closing with a valve the drain of the ejector, the customer can create a counter blow, generated on the suction cup, in order to speed the release phase and to expel any impurities sucked during the manipulation of components, thus avoiding the occlusion of the ejector. The generators are made of excellent quality materials, too: they are made of anodized aluminum and brass.

Vuototecnica mini depressors and depression gripping system for ski maintenance

Every year, it is good remake skis insoles and blades for safety and for the pleasure of skiing in a simpler way.

The skis insole need, in fact, to be regenerated, because during the summer it can dry up and the blades are prone to deterioration; therefore they can make downhill on slopes difficult and dangerous.

Vacuum cups for ski
mini depressors For ski maintenance, in order not to ruin the blades with mechanical presses, you can rely on special machines, which use vacuum clamping systems such as Vuototecnica rectangular gripping suction cups with self-locking support and release button.

These clamping systems for skis are powered by mini depressors. Vuototecnica produces mini depressors characterized by extremely reduced dimensions, which can be electrically powered (DO series); small autonomous units for the vacuum production; composed by the combination of a dry or lubricated vacuum pump with a suction capacity floating between 2 and 20 mc/h and a storage tank with variable volume between 6 and 20Lt.
The preservation of vacuum degree inside mini depressor tank, in welded steel plate and with a perfect vacuum seal, is preset with a mini electric vacuum switch (12 02 10) which manages the two vacuum value thresholds of pump attack and disconnection; maximizing intervention terms. Each mini depressor is also equipped with a vacuum gauge to read out the vacuum degree; a control device, in a special protective case; a manual valve for vacuum interception, a faucet to drain any condensation drawn with use.

Cleaning and high safety standards thanks to Vuototecnica adjustable vacuum generator conveyor PVR25

In this video you can see in action Vuototecnica adjustable vacuum generator PVR 25, directly connected to 08 30 32 S suction cup.

The incredible ease with which these baked goods are handled immediately surprise; they are all different from each other and characterized by irregular surfaces and large amount of crumbs and spices that are usually a big problem because they easily clog suction cups and above all vacuum sources connected with them.
Rotary vane pumps and side channel aspirators just for this reason should always be equipped with suction filters which must be regularly inspected and sanitized to prevent the generation of mold inside.

With Vuototecnica adjustable vacuum generator PVR 25 there is no danger of clogging and there is no need for filters, because all residues pass through it without any problems. You can convey them into a special recovery site. Instead, occluding the 25 PVR ejector drain with a normally open two-way valve, you can generate a counter blow that speeds up the discharge and at the same time cleans the suction cup.

PVR 25 allows a vacuum decentralization. It can be connected, as well as directly to the suction cup, also to dispensers involving several vacuum suction cups. This direct coupling with suction cups allows a speed of grip and release that, as you can see, is practically instantaneous. Simply rotating the discharge section of the ejector you can adjust the degree of vacuum and the volumetric flow rate according to the porosity characteristics of the product to manipulate. The noise level of PVR adjustable vacuum generators can also be considerably mitigated thanks to a SSX silencer, screwed on the connection of the exhaust air.

As regards 08 30 32 S suction cup, it adapts perfectly to irregular surfaces due to its soft lip and it is in FDA certifiable silicone. It is also possible to request it in in magnetic silicone, a material that is easily detectable in case of breakage or accidental loss thanks to metal detectors used for the protection of foods, able to detect ferrite powder. This material also has a high resistance to solvents, UV rays, oxygen, ozone and chlorine, putting up any production environment and all temperatures, from -50° to 275° C, for any kind of food.

3-way servo operated solenoid valves for vacuum:
granted suction flow, high-speed intervention

We have witnessed a growing demand for solenoid valves by automation manufacturers in the packaging industry in recent years. But this demand is not always satisfied in the right way.

Thanks to the strength of over thirty years of experience in the field of vacuum and to a growing attention to research and customers’ practical needs, Vuototecnica wanted to conceive a solution that would be effective and at the same time fast; and so, designed a series of 3-way servo operated solenoid valves, at high-speed operation, for flow rates up to 600 mc/h (code 070913).

The use of these solenoid valves is critical for intercepting vacuum on power supplies and palletizers with suction cups, vacuum thermoforming machines, vacuum packaging machines, slotter for cardboard, bag opener, and in all cases where it is necessary to quickly switch between the aspiration of vacuum pump and the air inlet in the circuit, for a fast restoration of the atmospheric pressure, depending on the application needs.
3-way servo operated valve
07 01 13 Those working in the chamber vacuum packaging sector understand the importance of suction flow rate, which can only be ensured by real opening diameter of the vacuum solenoid valves.

Thanks to a careful design of the internal mechanism, Vuototecnica 3-way servo operated solenoid valves ensure exceptionally low response times, almost negligible pressure drop, compact construction compared to large connections and minimum power consumption for their operation.

In fact, they can be equipped with low consumption piloting electric coil (2 watts), which of course is common and standard for the market of valves for compressed air, but not for the solenoid valves used for vacuum management where piloting solenoids from 14 watts of power still predominate.

For this reason, Vuototecnica solenoid valves offer energy-saving and PLC easier management.
Vuototecnica solenoid valves are all created from solid aluminum, so as to eliminate the minimum probability of loss; which is instead notoriously found on valve bodies derived from metal die casting or from plastic molding due to micro cracks or blowholes during production.

Vuototecnica stands out for constructive attention, to make long-lasting components and exalt its functionality:
• Sealing on the abutment seats is ensured by two conical molded Vulkollan® shutters, at high mechanical strength.
• Stainless steel hexagonal stem/spool able to withstand the higher stresses from piloting overpressure and chemicals in the carried media.
• Contrast spring and stainless steel shot-peened return.
• Polyurethane canvas piloting membrane, ensuring a long life compared to actual stem/spool runs.
• All internal components can be inspected and are easy to maintain.

Solenoid valves can be used normally open or closed, simply by changing the position of intake pipe connection and without affecting components of internal mechanics: such as springs or membranes.
In addition, evidence of the design effort, to maximize operational efficiency, all Vuototecnica 3-way servo operated solenoid valves can manage a pressing counter blow on the third discharge way; both in the normally closed and in the normally open configuration.
This is an operation which is very appreciated by end-users, when there is a need to speed up grip and release machine cycles with suction cups or for easy cleaning suction pipes, especially in dusty environments.

Multi-function modular vacuum generator: flexibility has never been easier

Today, robotics industry requires devices with excellent performance and several vacuum outlets for the self-enslavement of additional utilities. Given the new design standard, light weight and size are critical. So, how to meet quality with practical needs?

Vuototecnica created GVMM multi-function modular vacuum generators, produced for MI intermediate module assembly, with the simple use of screws, without external manifolds. What makes these generators unique is their modular use. You can hardly find this flexibility in other products; this flexibility allows you to serve several utilities due to independent vacuum outlets, changing almost nothing.
You can choose vacuum units number, requiring multi-function vacuum generator and the intermediate modules, in selected number and flow rates, already assembled together; or you can assemble one or more intermediate GVMM_01modules on GVMM, already installed on the automatism. GVMM can be easily inspected and opened for carefree maintenance, from distributor intake filter; in addition, they can be installed everywhere.

They have a great suction capacity and allow a high saving of compressed air. The generator, in fact, creates vacuum only when you need it, thanks to the activation of compressed air supply micro solenoid valve. When the vacuum value reaches the preset maximum, the vacuum switch operates on the electric coil of the solenoid valve to stop the supply; it is restored only when the degree of vacuum falls below the minimum safety value. You can also use a second signal from the vacuum switch, independently from the first, to start the cycle when the vacuum degree is suitable for the application. In absence of supply, a check valve is integrated for the maintenance of vacuum degree in the circuit. GVMM vacuum generators and MI modules, are all equipped with a screw regulator for dispensing ejector compressed air.

They are available with a minimum flow of 3 mc/h, a maximum flow of 14 mc/h and a maximum achievable vacuum level of -85 kPa. On request, there is a set of cables with integrated Energy Saving device, for connecting the vacuum switch and micro solenoid valves.

Grip without equal: Vuototecnica flat round foam rubber suction cups

In this video you can see Vuototecnica flat round Geranium foam rubber suction cups in action on insulated sandwich panels. You will certainly be impressed by their grip: they are able to support the weight of two workers standing on the panels.

The secret of a such grip is in the special foam rubber compound, called Geranium, abbreviation OF, which has a density such as to permit the gripping also on very uneven and rough surfaces. The advantage is that these suction cups retain their own elasticity even after many work cycles.
In addition to insulating panels handling, they are ideal for vacuum gripping on very rough surfaces, such as rough concrete, sawn marbles, textured or non-slip and corrugated sheets, striatum plexiglas and many other materials.

When the load to be handled has oiled and irregular surfaces, it is necessary to employ neoprene foam rubber suction cups, abbreviation NF, able to withstand the corrosive action of oils.

To allow rapid fixing at their supports, all foam rubber suction cups are equipped with a self-adhesive side. To replace them, it will be enough to require only adhesive foam rubber suction cup in your favorite compound, changing nothing.

These suction cups can withstand minimum temperatures of -40 °C (-20°C for NF neoprene foam rubber) and up to +80 °C.

The strength of a tornado, cleaning at work

For transferring granules, powders, metal chips, liquid and dry food, sawdust and other materials that could annoy gripping and handling operations, Vuototecnica conceived a simple solution, maintenance free.

Vacuum Jet flow generators were created for this purpose, and they not only allow the transfer of products of different nature, they enable the aspiration of fumes, water and oil condensation, coolants mist and other elements that could annoy the operating cycle.
These flow generators, powered exclusively by compressed air, can be used in environments with danger of fire or explosion. The absence of moving parts allows continuous use without heat generation. What makes them really special is that they don’t need any maintenance, a good filtration of compressed air is enough to completely forget them.

But how do these little gems work?
The compressed air, blown into an annular chamber, which is concentric to the device, flows, at very high speed, towards the center of the main pipe, creating a cyclonic effect.
The cyclonic effect has the property to create a depression inside the device and to induce a large volume of air toward the exit. By varying the feeding air pressure, consequently, vary depression and intake air amount.
They are available in various sizes, with minimum suction flow of 12mc/h up to 405 mc/h and with a minimum flow rate of blowing of 17 mc/h up to 525 mc/h, the maximum achievable vacuum level is equal to –20 KPa.

Vuototecnica Octopus, multi-chamber version: extensive customization options

Several issues have been resolved, on the need for palletizing and de-palletizing in a lot of industries, since Vuototecnica Octopus vacuum gripping systems range is in production.

You can stack or unstack boxes, bags, packs, with Octopus, ensuring the grip of cardboard interlayer and wooden pallets. A solution that assures you the grip, in total safety, even when the object gripping surface only occupies 5% of suction plan. And all that without having to reposition suction cups every time.
Octopus basic systems are composed of a vacuum generator powered by compressed air; a box in anodized aluminum; a microfine filter, easy to inspect, on the intake to protect the generator; a suction plate, that you can choose from a very wide range of solutions and which adapts to any surface – smooth, rough or uneven.
Octopus major benefit is that it can operate vertically, horizontally, inclined or even upside down respect to objects gripping surface.

In addition there are lots of accessories and components: spongy gums, suction cups, shut-off valves, suction plates with micro-calibrated and self-cleaning holes, which are also suitable for dusty environments.
Vuototecnica is able to provide maximum customization. Special versions of Octopus gripping systems are a prime example.

Octopus multi-chamber version, for example, allows palletizer robots on which it is mounted, taking and storage of different types of boxes, to compose pallets with different layers and provide maximum flexibility to the end customer.
You can get a similar result with a remote electric pump as vacuum source, and its distribution through servo-operated solenoid valves (07 … 11 series) located on each chamber.
The chamber can be equipped with shut-off valves to concentrate vacuum degree only on suction cups which are in real contact with boxes to be palletized, avoiding unnecessary wastage and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Vuototecnica mini cup holders are compact and lightweight

Robots for the discharge of molded parts from plastics printing presses need reduced in size and very lightweight handling solutions.

To meet this demand, Vuototecnica designed a range of mini cup holders that stand out for firmness and lightweight, ideal for very small suction cups but, in proportion, with the same performance of larger series.
mini cup holders with recessed spring
mini cup holders short stroke These cup holders can be mounted to suction cups which have a maximum diameter of 60 mm – traditional or bellows cups, in different compounds – and they are composed of: a spring, to cushion the impact of the cup and at the same time to maintain a constant pressure on the load to be lifted, and a quick connector for connection to the suction pipe.

Vuototecnica mini cup holders are easy to assemble to the automatisms and they have several types of connection to vacuum (axial or radial), depending on the needs.

In addition to the version for suction cups with support,, with brass stem, are available:
• with recessed spring and anodized aluminum fixing stem, suitable for suction cups with male threaded support. In this case, the particular shape of the brass sleeve, for the fastening to the machine, prevent stem rotation and suction cup rotation, in consequence;
• with short stroke which, along with a special shape, allow even a smaller footprint and a lower weight than other products in the range; and this makes them particularly suitable for small suction cups with diameters between 10 and 30 mm.