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Vacuum cups with two bellows for heavy-duty packaging

Vacuum cups with two bellows for heavy-duty packaging

Specifically designed vacuum cups for tripping and handling particularly heavy boxes and cardboard packaging in general.
Their thick, sturdy lip absorbs tears and sudden accelerations, typical of robotised movements. The double bellows enables improved adaptability to the gripping surface, even if not perfectly perpendicular to the axis of the vacuum cup, and can recover evident unevenness of the loads to be lifted.
The supports, all made of anodised aluminium, are equipped with a male or female central threaded pin to allow suctioning and clamping to the automation. The vacuum cups can be fitted on them without the aid of adhesives.
To replace, simply request the single vacuum cup indicated in the table in the desired compound.
Product codes: 013527 015240 0008394 0008395 0008366 0008364 0835271/8 0852401/8 083527 085240 013527 015240 0008396 0008397 0008392 0008393 0835271/8F 0852401/8F 083527F 085240F 087543SR 0811073SR 0008373 0008372 0008376 0008375 087543M 0875433/8M 0811073M 08110731/2M 087543SR 0811073SR 0008374 0008377 0875433/8 08110731/2

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Bellows cups with supports for gripping flow packs

Bellows cups with supports for gripping flow packs

Thanks to their specific conformation and flexibility, the vacuum cups illustrated and described on this page are especially suitable for installation on automatic, high production machines in the packaging sector, and for the gripping and handling of flow packs.
The vacuum cups are available in different compounds for food use and can be cold fitted on their special supports without the aid of adhesives. Upon request, these cups can be provided upon request in minimum quantities and in other special compounds, listed on top, to be defined in the order.
Product codes: 012030S 013045S 000818 0008127 082030S 083045S

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Multi-function modules with built-in vacuum solenoid valves

Multi-function modules with built-in vacuum solenoid valves

The needs of technical designers in the packaging sector and in the automation sector in general to have more vacuum combined with different functions in the smallest possible space has led us to design and implement this new series of multi-function modules.
Each module has two internal solenoid valves built inside it. Their ducts house the seats for the flow control valves, which can be operated externally by means of special knobs. Various connections made at different points allow for connection of the module to instruments for reading and checking the level of vacuum, such as vacuum gauges, vacuum switches, transducers, etc.
There are three modules currently available:
- Module A: the basic module with two integrated 1”1/2 and 1” solenoid valves, two flow regulators and several additional connections.
- Module B: with two integrated 1/2 "and 1" solenoid valves and two flow regulators. Can be combined with modules A and C.
- Module C: module with two integrated 1/2” solenoid valves, a flow regulator and an additional connection.
Can be combined with module A or B.
The combination of modules A, B and C, feasible using special stainless steel tie-rods, allows for the application of various functions from a single source of vacuum, as well as allowing for the elimination of numerous pipes and fittings, often causing leaks. The multi-function modules are supplied already tested to a guaranteed final level of vacuum of 0.5 mbar and perfectly sealed.
The technical characteristics are those of the pneumatically actuated three-way vacuum solenoid valves:
- Servo-control pressure: 6-7 bar; 4-6 bar for version LP, with non-lubricated compressed air, 5 micron filtration, according to standard ISO 8573-1 class 4
- Operating pressure: from 0.5 to 3000 absolute mbar
- Electric coils: fully plastic-coated in synthetic resin, watertight, insulation class F (up to 155°C) as per standard VDE, with 3 mm two-terminal electrical connections for connectors in compliance with EN 175301-803
- Protection degree IP 54; IP 65 with connector inserted.
- Tolerance permitted on the nominal voltage value: ± 10%
- Electrical power of the coils: from 1 to 2 W, depending on the electrical voltage
- Temperature of suctioned fluid: from – 5 to + 60°C
The ideal use of these multi-function modules is on vacuum thermoformers and vacuum thermo-welders, but they are also widely used on packaging and filling machines in the packaging sector and in all those cases where it is necessary to manage the vacuum at different points and times. Upon request, the modules can be customised and implemented with solenoid valves up to 3” gas. Contact our technical department for further information.

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Cartridge vacuum generator PVR 3 OT

Cartridge vacuum generator PVR 3 OT

Also the construction of this cartridge vacuum generator was necessary in order to meet the demand for ever smaller and more performing devices in the packaging sector.
The compressed air supply pressure is between 1 and 3 bar, while the maximum level of vacuum is -52 KPa, with a flow rate of 2.6 m3/h.
Also the shape of these generators, like the previous ones described, allows for the suction of dust and small processing waste without clogging problems.
They are made of brass as standard, but upon request they can also be supplied in different metals.
Product code: PVR3OT

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Cartridge vacuum generators PVR 1 and PVR 4

Cartridge vacuum generators PVR 1 and PVR 4

These small cartridge vacuum generators can be integrated directly into the gripping elements of packaging machines.
The maximum yield is offered at low compressed air pressures of 2-3 bar, providing levels of vacuums up to -72 KPa and flow rates between 1 and 4 m3/h.
Their particular shape permits the suction of dust or small processing residues, without creating clogging problems.
They are made as standard in anodised aluminium but can also be supplied in stainless steel, upon request.
Product codes: PVR1 PVR4

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Term of sale

Term of sale

The following terms are intended as accepted by the purchaser in the ordering phase.

  1. ORDERS: With the transmission of the order the purchaser approves all the sale terms in force. The article codes must be specified in the order.

  2. PRICES: prices are intended for goods delivered ex our warehouse (VAT, packaging and transportation excluded) and the prices in force when ordering will be considered as valid.

  3. PACKAGING: free of charge for accessories, at cost for pumps and pumpsets.

  4. SHIPMENT: shipment will be carried out via postal package or the customer’s courier of confidence; carriage will be paid to our factory in Beverate and the goods travel at the full risk of the customer. Therefore, in case of delay, losses, faults, thefts, etc., claims must be addressed to the Courier who is the only responsible.

  5. DELIVERY: if indicated, the date of delivery is purely indicative and, therefore, releases our company from any claim.

  6. CLAIMS: must be sent in written form within 8 days from receipt of the goods. Claims arriving after this deadline will not be accepted.

    Whatever their nature, claims do not suspend the obligation to carry out payments with the methods agreed upon. Should the purchaser consider the goods not suitable, he/she has the right to have them replaced or to the recrediting of the sum. No other type of
    compensation is considered valid. For any objection or controversy, the place of
    jurisdiction will be Lecco.

  7. RETURNS: Any replacement or rejection must be authorised with a return number. The authorisation number must be clearly stated on the delivery note. The return will be accepted prior verification in the warehouse and charged to the customer. Any crediting will be carried out at the purchase price. Any return of material due to a wrong order will be subject to a lump sum fee of € 25,00 for management expenses.

  8. PAYMENTS: must be made exclusively at our headquarters according to the methods agreed upon. In case of a delayed payment, legal interests will be charged starting from the agreed due date and until the payment has been made. During that time any other order in progress will be suspended.

  9. PRODUCT FEATURES: the images in this catalogue are purely indicative, therefore, our company has the right to modify the products without prior notice.


  10. VALUE OF ORDERS: Orders below € 150,00 will not be accepted.

    Any clause contained in the purchaser’s order in contrast to what stated above will be considered of no value.

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