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Vuototecnica Vacuum Solutions - 5

Stable and cost-effective flat elliptical vacuum cups by Vuototecnica

flat elliptical vacuum cups Vacuum technology is a crucial element of the forming machines used to create cardboard packaging elements for the packaging industry.

Vuototecnica designs and manufactures flat elliptical vacuum cups, as well as the relative supports, to be lodged within the working surfaces of these forming machines. These units are capable of holding one of the cardboard’s sides stationary while the forming takes place on the opposite side using traditional vacuum cups. These vacuum cups can nevertheless also be used for manipulating and handling small objects made of plastic or cardboard.
Thanks to their reduced internal volumes, these vacuum cups offer exceptional gripping stability and, more importantly, provide for simple and cost-effective maintenance. Once consumed, in fact, it is sufficient to replace the lips of the vacuum cups themselves, which are available in various compounds based on the gripping surface, the working environment and the required operating cycles. With Vuototecnica’s elliptical vacuum cups, you’ll never have to replace an entire vacuum cup and vulcanized metal support again, thus ensuring optimal savings in terms of both time and money.

FCL in-line suction filters: always under control

In order to block the impurities and dust produced during the packaging of bulk products, even the finest particles, Vuototecnica offers FCL in line suction filters with paper cartridges.

These filters offer a wide range of advantages, including a compact size, visual inspection facilitated by a transparent Plexiglas body, interchangeable threaded connection flanges in anodized aluminium, and the maintenance of flow capacity even with the partial obstruction of the filter cartridge itself.

FCL filters are unlike any other filter currently available on the market.
fcl filters
In fact, they’re designed specifically for handling vacuum operations and, thanks to their internal geometry, are even capable of ensuring a much greater cross-section and suction flow than any other in-line filter.

The complete visibility afforded by the Plexiglas allows for the cartridge’s clogging status to be assessed instantaneously. And even more importantly, these filters can be fully inspected. In fact, they can be opened at any time and the paper cartridge can be easily cleaned using compressed air.
These products offer clear advantages when compared to the single-use disposable filters normally used with packaging machinery. Even in terms of reduced maintenance time.

With FCL filters, you’ll always have everything under control. Based on the user’s specific requirements, these filters can be installed directly upon the vacuum piping near vacuum cups, vacuum clamping systems and various other utilities. The end user can even realize ad hoc configurations thanks to the various types of threading available for the aluminium cylinder heads.

Save energy with Vuototecnica’s siphon filter suction units

Suctioning thick and creamy substances and coolants can be difficult and risky using traditional rotating vane vacuum pumps.
In order to satisfy this market demand, Vuototecnica has developed special suction units with siphon filters (GA FS) for suctioning water and liquid mixtures and fluids saturated with condensates.
These exceptional suction units combine the use of siphon filters with multi-stage venturi effect vacuum generators, and are therefore capable of retaining fluids and solid impurities while at the same time suctioning fluids saturated with steam or liquid condensates.
All this while ensuring maximum energy savings without compromising on performance. Vuototecnica’s suction units are available in different sizes and can be furnished with on board vacuum generators with various suction rates. They are exclusively powered by compressed air (4-6 bar) and can be used for any application in which the use of electrically powered vacuum sources is prohibited or impossible.

The vacuum level inside the Plexiglas container is automatically maintained by the pneumatic vacuum switch art. 12 02 30 (which can be integrated with the vacuum generator, based on the model). This vacuum switch controls the compressed air intake valve, which in turn controls the vacuum generator's intake based on the minimum vacuum level set on the vacuum switch itself.

This Energy Saving (ES) system feature guarantees compressed air consumption levels that are based on the customer's actual needs, or rather levels that correspond to the actual times for generating the required vacuum (in vacuum cups, for example)
Vuototecnica's suction units are therefore perfect for vacuum cup clamping systems used for gripping uniform surfaces, such as glass, granite, marble and light alloys, as well as any applications in which significant amounts of coolant liquids are present.

Small vacuum cup holders, exceptional reliability

When handling objects using vacuum cups, the reliability of the grip can be affected by numerous variables, such as excess transpiration, harsh environmental conditions or a lack of adherence to the product. In order to address the issue of poor object gripping, Vuototecnica has designed and developed miniature vacuum cup holders with integrated self-exclusion valves.
This valve closes the suction inlet whenever the vacuum cup is not pressing against the load (when not involved in the gripping operation) or whenever it is not perfectly adhering to the surface in question.
This serves to prevent the vacuum level from being decreased, which can have adverse effects on the rest of the system. And the entire process is automatic. There’s no longer any need to worry about the vacuum cups’ positioning and the exclusion.
And while Vuototecnica’s mini vacuum cup holders are extremely small and lightweight, they offer the same performance levels as the company’s vacuum cup holders of larger dimensions.

Vacuum testing for food product packaging

The airtightness of packaging, above all for certain food products, is extremely important for maintaining the product’s flavour and aroma, even for days on end.

Vuototecnica has come up with an electric vacuum testing device that’s designed to help food producers check the airtightness of the flow packs used to package snack foods and other products.
The device is easy to use and is quite effective. Just place the package to be tested inside the transparent Plexiglas casing.
By creating a vacuum inside the casing itself, the pressure differential that’s generated between the inside of the package and the volume of the depressurized casing causes the packaging to swell, thus exerting pressure upon the flow pack’s seals.
The customer even has the possibility of setting the test’s vacuum level (based on the legal or regulatory requirements) using the mini vacuum switch integrated within the ATS system, thus ensuring the consistency and repeatability of the airtightness tests themselves.
The ATS systems can even be used for the airtightness or destructive testing of jars of preserves and aluminium or plastic packaging elements.
The ATS vacuum testing devices are comprised of a dry vacuum rotating vane pump (to be selected based on the casing’s volume and the desire vacuum level to be obtained), a sealed support surface, a vacuum gauge for indicating the vacuum level, a mini vacuum switch for adjusting the vacuum level, an electric control device and a folded sheet steel body with anti-vibration feet for housing all the components.
Since the testing values ​​are fully adjustable and repeatable, they do not need to be re-adjusted each time the tests are carried out.

The standard units are available in two models: The ATS 20, with a 21.5 litre casing and a VTS 10 M model pump, and the ATS 05, with a 5.5 litre casing and a VTS 4M model pump. Custom models can be designed and manufactured upon request.

Vuototecnica’s digital vacuum switches: simple, precise, reliable and energy saving

vacuum switches Work cycle start ups, proper energy management and safety requirements all require the use of precise tools that will facilitate the measurement and the verification of the vacuum levels being generated by the vacuum sources, such as rotating vane vacuum pumps or pneumatic ejectors.

To this end, Vuototecnica offers a wide range of vacuum switches, including extremely compact and lightweight digital models. Thanks to these specific characteristics, these units can be mounted in close proximity to the vacuum applications themselves, representing immediate and intuitive tools for the end user.
The flagship of this range of components is the digital vacuum switch 12 10 10. Its compact cylindrical configuration, complete with a digital display, allows for the vacuum values ​​to be immediately viewed, thus rendering the use of a vacuum gauge superfluous; it can even be easily turned on its own axis with no need to unscrew it from the vacuum connections.

The control panel allows for the easy programming of the device’s parameters, including the switching points and hysteresis from 0 to 100% of the set value, and even offers a range of additional features, like comparisons between values, NO and NC contacts, units of measure and the blocking of functions and programmed values.

The panel includes two LED indicators (one green and one red), which indicate the switching status of the two digital output signals. The two switching outputs are independent. The unit comes installed as a standard feature on board the GVMM range multi-stage and multifunction vacuum generators, not only to verify the generation of the vacuum level required for the application, but also to manage the pneumatic ejector’s compressed air supply, thanks to the hysteresis function and a electrical cable specifically designed for managing energy savings.

The Vuototecnica product range also includes the 12 05 10 P digital micro vacuum switch, which is even more compact and features a switching time of less than 1 millisecond.

Scramble-proof egg handling

As everyone knows, handling eggs requires maximum caution. But on an industrial level, extremely fast handling times are necessary to maximize productivity. In order to resolve the problems faced by producers, Vuototecnica has developed three special bellows vacuum cups for gripping eggs: the 08 33 50 S, the 08 40 80 S and the 08 42 90 N.

Once suction contact is made with the surface of the egg, these vacuum cups withdraw to create an extremely fast, yet gentle lifting movement. Vuototecnica also offers a wide range of components for generating and regulating vacuum levels, which, in the specific case of eggs, must be limited in order to avoid damaging the shells due to any excessive force exerted by the vacuum cup.
To this end,Vuototecnica’s vacuum regulators guarantee the proper adjustment and maintenance of low vacuum levels inside the vacuum cups without cutting off the suction flow from the vacuum source itself.

Furthermore, Vuototecnica offers its customers the choice in two different types of vacuum generating tools: single stage or multi-stage pneumatic ejectors (which allow for the vacuum levels to be adjusted by simply regulating the supply pressure) or electric rotary vane vacuum pumps equipped with vacuum reducers.

These vacuum sources represent viable alternatives to the more traditional vacuum pumps with side channels that are often found installed upon egg handling systems, and offer significant advantages for the manufacturer and the end user alike in terms of noise reduction, maintenance and energy savings.

Vuototecnica’s skilled engineers are always available to help customers select the solutions that are best suited to their needs. The vacuum cups for eggs are made of an FDA certifiable silicone compound. Vuototecnica is also at the customer’s complete disposal for any vacuum cup customization requirements they may have, based on the characteristics of the products to be handled and the specific production environments.

Vuototecnica FVGs: Seize the moment!

Vuototecnica has made this incredible phenomenon the basis for resolving the problems of manufacturers, and has succeeded in bringing it to life.

When it comes to robotic automation systems, the FVG (Fast Vacuum Generator) single-stage vacuum generator with ejector gprovides for flexible and reliable gripping, and is capable of do so at incredible speeds by proactively reacting to extremely short working-cycles, typically with flexible picker robots.
Thanks to its anodized aluminium frame, in fact, the FVG is extremely lightweight and is capable of sustaining high gripping and releasing frequencies (less than 30 msec). A cutting-edge device in every respect:

• Maximum supply pressure: 4 bar
• Available with flow rates of 3 or 5 m3/h (FVG3-FVG5)
• Maximum vacuum level: -85 KPa
• Excludable ejector

The FVG even comes equipped with a system for generating a counter blow inside the vacuum cup upon the release of the component being handled, which can even be disabled by the customer. It’s easy to install and has proven to be ideal for robotic pick-and-place operations in the packaging industry and other manufacturing sectors.

Positionable articulated joints: the flexibility of the human body on robots

One of the greatest limitations that the field of industrial automation has always encountered in its efforts to replace human beings on production lines is the lack of flexibility and manoeuvrability that the human body itself is capable of. This is particularly true of all movements involving the tilting of surfaces or the rotation of specific elements.

These types of movements are extremely important in every industrial sector, and even more so in the automotive industry, when the curved and uneven surfaces of car bodies or special moulded plastic elements need to be extracted from the production presses, for example.
Positionable articulated joints
Thanks to a number of intelligent engineering solutions, Vuototecnica has succeeded in obtaining this ease of handling, even in situations where the extraction of the pieces or elements was difficult in the past.

Vuototecnica’s positionable articulated joints (GSV and GSVF), made from anodized aluminium, replicate the flexibility of the human body and combine it with the strength and speed of the most advanced robotic solutions.

These joints allow the installed vacuum cups to be rotated 360 degrees and to be tilted on their axes by up to 35 degrees in order to properly position them with respect to the gripping surface on the object to be handled, while at the same time ensuring a perfect grip and proper suction through the joint itself.

They are available in the catalogue with standard male or female threading, 1/8″-1/4″-3/8″ gas.

They are recommended for use with grippers in conjunction with maxigrip cups, which are perfect for the automotive industry and all EOAT (end of arm tooling) applications that require the vacuum cups to be adapted to convex, concave or contoured surfaces.

When the vacuum source is missing: Vuototecnica self-locking vacuum cups!

Whenever it is not possible, useful or convenient to create a vacuum using an external vacuum source, like a vacuum pump or vacuum generator, or wherever the items to be handled are being shifted along an assembly line’s belt conveyor, Vuototecnica’s pull-release clamping vacuum cups represent the ideal solution for retaining easy-to-grip components with smooth impermeable surfaces, like glass panes or sheet metal.
Some applications include the handling of windshields on the automobile industry’s assembly lines, the handling of stainless steel objects like pots and kitchen accessories during ther various stages of production (painting, drying, etc.), the handling of marble products for construction use and the handling of glass panes by robotic systems.

These applications do not require the use of external vacuum sources since the objects themselves create the vacuum when pressed against the vacuum cups, while the integrated check valve ensures that the grip is maintained. In order to release the product, the vacuum cup just has to be slightly raised and the check valve will open in order to restore the atmospheric pressure.

Vuototecnica’s pull-release clamping vacuum cups are made from nickel-plated brass with steel guide bushes, and are even available in a non-rotating version. Vuototecnica is even capable of customizing its products to meet the customer’s specific requirements.